Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best I Ever Had

A few hours from now, 2011 will be gone.. And comes 2012. People are all agitated to create their list of New Year's Resolution. A list of what we want to be and not. But I am not going to create one when I know that I won't be able to fulfill what I just had written. Sad but true. Tons of promises await only to realize that they will simply stay as mere promises. =(

What I can possibly create is a list of the best things I had experienced for the entire year of 2011. This is something I can truly be proud of for I was able to do all the desires of my life. 2011 was not a perfect year for me. I still had my share of not-so-good moments. But I did try to exert the best possible effort to turn things into something positive. And I've somewhat won that battle. =)

I was lucky enough to have survived under the knife. It was indeed a new life for me. I still have a clear picture in my mind of what has transpired on those days. A moment I truly did not expect to happen. I did not only learn that operation was certainly something one should not be afraid of but I also learned to value my family as they've shown me the true meaning of unconditional love.

2011 also paved way to my travel adventures. Big thanks goes to my travel buddy. First stop was Daranak Falls. It wasn't planned properly but it did go through. First encounter with falls. And I fell in love with it. Weeks after and I just saw myself standing before Taytay Falls in Majayjay, Laguna. First time I went camping. It felt weird and I can hardly sleep as I hear the loud gushing of the waterfalls. It felt like we'll be swept away by the waters any moment.

The year was so grateful that I had my most number of "My First..". My first Hot Air Balloon encounter. Such a huge balloon I've seen my entire life! First jet plane exhibitions that I've never imagined I will witness. The first concert I've seen from an international and famous singer-composer Stephen Bishop and Dan Hill. It made me love their songs more.

My first out of town trip. First destination went as far as the Queen City of the South, Cebu. I can only imagine Cebu on postcards, internet and word of mouth. I didn't really dream of setting my feet here as early as the third quarter of 2011. My love for Cebu had it's second course when I sailed off again come third quarter of the year. My goal then was to witness at least half of what Cebu has to offer. From the city up to it's provinces, I've wandered. Marveled by the beauty of it's people and nature, I said to myself that I will go back here. There's still more that i missed. The islands of Malapascua, Bantayan and Camotes were already on top my list.

I've also set my foot to what was regarded as God's Little Paradise, Bohol. And I didn't miss to pay the marvelous Chocolate Hills a visit. From the man-made forest to a river cruise, it left me in awe that everything happened in just one day. The white sand of Panglao beach made me love the waters more.

My first encounter with my dreaded fears, water and heights. I maybe hundreds to thousands of feet away from the ground but the feeling itself inside an airplane provided comfort. Thanks to different sorts of diversion like magazines and entertainment from the flight attendants, I almost forgot I am an acrophobic! But not with my first sail on the deep blue sea. I can't help but equipped myself with tons of rubber vest for the fear that in  any moment the ferry might sink. Well, just me and my wild imagination! But then again, my trips went safely.

My list doesn't end here. But I am gonna stop for now. I've just shared some of the major highlights of my life. And I'm pretty sure everyone has. Learn to discover it and cherish it. These made us the person we've become now.

The many social gatherings I've attended. The many people I've met and mingled upon. The heaps of knowledge  I've learned from them. It somewhat molded me to become a well-rounded person. Gone were the days that I would just sit and stay alone all by myself. Gone were the instances that I would pretend to be happy when I am really not. For I have learned that true happiness can be achieve by doing the things I loved the most, without any hesitations, without any regrets.

2011 has brought me not only the best but also the worst. But I didn't dwell on the worst much for I know that it wouldn't just do me any good. I've learned to focus on my strengths. I've learned to minimize my errors. Whatever it is that has happened in the past must stay in the past. As  a lesson and not as my biggest regret in life.

I loved what 2011 has provided  for me. Because I've learned to love myself more than anybody else. I've realized the value of people, of things and of time. I've regained my self-worth. I am slowly recuperating from a painful heartbreak. I can now laugh at my mistakes. I am free as a bird.

2011. It unleashed my free will. It made me developed my confidence. It made me act natural and true to myself. Thanks 2011. Just had the best of my times served.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Comfy on Being Confident

Are you confident? How would you rate your confidence level (1-lowest; 10-highest)?

These questions may seem so easy to answer. You may answer yes to the first question. But to the second question? Would you say 1 or 10? Many wouldn't dare rate themselves 10. Probably, in between 7-9. But not 10. So, what gives?

Everyone can tell to the world they're confident but they can't gauge their confidence level. Why? How can we win battles if we're not fully equipped? How can we fire our guns without any bullets?

Confidence killers. These are the culprits. They're the one responsible why we can't hit a 10. Let's name a few.

1. Engaging in self-limiting beliefs. We usually rely on beliefs and traditions. We tend to avoid things as advised by our elders and friends. Simply, we boxed ourselves and never come out. The result is fear of ignorance. And since we've already set ourselves on the things that we would like to believe in, we can't help but compare ourselves to others. Why can they do such things when I can't? Because we believe that we simply can't.

2. Focusing on the past. We can't raise it to 10 because we're haunted by past experiences. Bad experiences and mistakes. We've developed a fear that things will happen again, even if for no reason. We're afraid to give our best shot because we believe that we will fail. We can't project a new attitude and a new look because we don't want people to say we've changed. And that the change doesn't fit us! We work on ourselves not for the people that we might encounter in the future but for the people in our past.

3. Setting unrealistic expectations. Too perfectionist. Too pessimistic. No one's stopping us from being confident but make sure that we can handle the confidence we're trying to imbibe.We try to believe that we can take things down but we're not even coupled with the skills needed.

So, how do we kill these confidence killers? How to stop ourselves from being killed? The savior: Confidence boosters. Here are some ways.

1. Strong support system. Anyone and anything can be our support system so long as they provide encouragement, positivity, compliments and constructive feedback, and so on and so forth. Make sure we're surrounded by these kind of people and things.

2. Success. Whenever we achieve success, it affirms value to ourselves. And we should maintain it. We are not only showcasing, but we are also highlighting our potentials. And gaining more potentials is one way of driving our confidence level.

3. Write down your thoughts. These can be random words. Jotting down all the goals you want to achieve. Evaluate. Reflect. Then look for ways on how you can materialize your thoughts.

4. Know your stuff. Fight self-ignorance. Never stop learning. As simple as engaging yourself into reading, writing and conversing with different people, you are learning. It's never too late to empower ourselves with knowledge. No one's above anyone unless you let them. Always believe that there are things you know that they don't.

5. Be prepared. Practice makes perfect. You must be prepared for you to be called confident enough. You don't want to be presented to anyone and you just stand there and at loss for words. Remember, when we were tasked by our teachers to do a class report, we make sure we're prepared for it, from visual aids to the wordings itself. We tend to practice in front of the mirror to check on our reflections and how should we project when the big day comes. But in real life, we can no longer have the same rituals. We must be prepared in a snap. We'll never know when will the situation calls for it.

6. Learn to laugh at yourself. Why still dwell on things (failures, hurt, pain) when it already happened? As they say, the damage has been done. There's no point of turning back. As if we could still turn back time! Just be grateful it happened and your still the same person. You might lost something but it doesn't mean that you wont gain something.

7. Positivity. There's always a flip side to negative things. From simple wordings to our actions, we can turn them positively. Avoid using negative words like can't, don't, never etc. You may decline invites by not saying no. Use affirmative words. Then smile.

These are just some thoughts I've gathered. I got all of these from the rendezvous I've attended. And I want to share everything to all of you. Hope this helps. 

I, myself, is still struggling on building up my confidence and how to raise the level. But I don't want to give up. I don't want to show I'm weak when I know that I got what it takes to be confident. I am grateful enough that even if I haven't reached level 10 yet, I am still confident in my own way.

Let's all work together on how to take down these confidence killers and add more on what would boost our confidence more. Should you have any ideas or thoughts on how to fight confidence killers, feel free to share. Before i end this post, I just want to share this link on confidence boosters. 

Break Free

Fear. Pain. Hurt. Failure. The Big 4.

No one would even dare say nor do embrace these four words. Four negative words. As a matter of fact, everyone will do whatever it takes to keep these away but to no avail. There will come a point in our lives that we can never hide from these Big 4 and let them take us away. Our lives were never created with all the good side coming into our favor. That's why life is always labeled as "unfair".

There's no reason why take these Big 4 into something negative, when we could possibly do something to turn them into our advantage? When we could stop the state of being unhappy and step up to the challenge of changes? When we could devise a plan, or a strategy, to fight or overcome the Big 4 towards a happy life? You might ask, "But how?"

Everything starts within ourselves. As soon as we've come face to face with the Big 4, let us not let them eat us.. alive! Act.. in a snap! Start by realizing what we're really afraid of. It could be heartache, death, being alone, rejection, heights or even spiders! Then learn how to overcome them. Again, the next question is How?

Know what we really want in life. Simply take time to sit down and carefully think what we really want. Figure out what will make us happy. It could be anything. Gadget, jewelry or even an undying attention from someone we care the most. Reflect. Think of ways on how these things would materialize. By simply thinking, we are diverting our attention from the Big 4. Eventually, we will find ourselves at loss for rooms for pain, fear, hurt and failure.

These things can't be done overnight. But by committing ourselves in the process, using it as a decision-making tool and sharing it to our loved ones, we will all be one in winning the battle of overcoming the Big 4.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Adele - Someone Like You

Sometimes it lasts in love, sometimes it hurts instead...

I am not a great fan of Adele but I adore her songs. Puro tagos sa buto, sa puso.. Halatang may pinagdaanan ang babaeng ito..

This song.. Someone Like You.. nung una, sabi ko it's kinda corny. Ang emo. But as I get to read the lyircs.. Oooppss, it somewhat reminded me of the old me. Sakto sa nararamdaman ko. Galing sa isang bigong relasyon. Di pa nakaka-recover. Masakit na malaman na may minamahal ng iba ang taong minahal mo. At alam mong masaya siya.

Magiging masaya din ako. Hindi pa nga lang ngayon ngunit alam kong darating ang panahon na iyon. Hindi ko kailangan pilitin ang sarili ko na maging masaya dahil kung hindi naman tunay ang kasiyahan ko, ang sarili ko lang ang niloloko ko. Mas lalo akong hindi mapapabuti.

Hindi ko rin pipilitin ang sarili kong kalimutan ang mga ala-ala, mapait man o masaya. Hindi ako darating sa sitwasyong ganito kung hindi dahil sa mga ala-ala. Ala-alang tumulong sa pagbuo ng pagkatao ko. Nakakatawa yung isang message na nabasa ko, ang sabi: Kapag naaalala natin yung mga nakaraan natin kung saan lumuha tayo, bigla na lang tayo mapapatawa. Mapapa-isip kung anong klaseng mga kabaliwan ang mga pinaggagawa natin. Pero subukan nating alalahanin yung mga nakaraan nating masaya tayo sa piling ng mga taong wala na sa buhay natin, di natin mapigilan na makadama ng lungkot. Maiyak. Ironic di ba?

Matuto na lang tayo sa mga gustong ipahayag ng mga kanta ni Adele. Malalim. Pero sa isang taong nakaranas na ng pighati sa pag-ibig, madali lang ito mainitindihan. Madaling maka-relate, ika nga.

Sige na, Adele.. Fan mo na ako.

Sa Unang Araw ngDisyembre

Parang nung isang araw lang, nag-blog ako tungkol sa month ng November. Ngayon, December na.. Uber bilis ng panahon. Di natin namamalayan ang paglipas ng araw at pag-andar ng oras. Ang daming mga nangyayari sa paligid na minsan nawi-witness pa natin, minsan hindi na.

Less than a month from now, ang lahat ay magdiriwang na ng kapaskuhan. Isa sa pinaka-importanteng okasyon sa buhay ng bawat isa. (Nangunguna pa rin syempre ang ating mga birthday.. ) Lahat ay nagsasaya sa araw ng Pasko. May kakaibang ligayang idinudulot ito. Ligayang kung pwede lang sana madala sa mga susunod pang mga araw, taon at siglo..
Sa amin, nakagawian na ang pagtitipon-tipon ng bawat pamilya. Hindi man lahat ay nakakarating pero sapat pa din ang bilang ng mga bisitang dumadating para maging isang magulo at masayang pamilya. Ang sarap sa pakiramdam na hindi nila alintana ang pagbyahe ng malayo. At mas nakakapanabik pa na may mga bitbitin pa sila para pasalubong. Nakaka-engganyong panoorin ang bawat isa na kumakain, salo-salo sa napagdamutan lamang, pero kahit gaano pa kaunti o karami yan, pihadong walang matitira. Isang indikasyon na lahat ay nasarapan at naligayahan sa putaheng inihanda. Pagkatapos kumain, ang lahat ay magkukumpulan at magkwe-wentuhan, sa buhay-buhay ng bawat isa at ng bawat pamilya. Di man tumatagal ng pang hanggang kinabukasan ang pagtitipon pero marami na din ang napag-usapan at magtutuloy-tuloy yan hanggang sa muling pagkikita. 

Hindi uso sa amin ang lahat ay magbibigayan ng regalo sa bawat isa. Kadalasan mga bata lamang ang nireregaluhan. Isa ng kadahilanan syempre ay ang kawalan ng pambili. Ngunit hindi naman hadlang kung walang matanggap na regalo. May matanggap man o wala, magpasalamat pa din tayo. Totoo nga yung kasabihan na mas masarap sa pakiramdam ang nagbibigay kaysa sa tumatanggap lamang. Nakikita mo kasi ang mga tunay na ngiti sa kanilang mga labi. Mahal man o hindi yung binigay mo, di naman importante yun. Ang mahalaga ay napakita mong mahalaga sa iyo yung tao. 

Isa lang ang Pasko sa mga okasyong inaabangan ko at tunay na pinaghahandaan. Hindi lingid sa akin ang gastos. Ang importante ay maibuhos ko ang pagpapahalaga ko at pagmamahal sa pamilya sa pamamagitan ng pagbibigay ng regalo at paghahanda. Mas marami, mas nakakataba ng puso. Ika nga, minsan lang ito ipagdiwang sa loob ng isang taon. Bakit pa ako magdadamot?

Sa pansariling kapakanan, masasabi kong magiging masaya ako sa pagdiriwang ng Pasko. Bukod sa mga regalo, handa at pamilya, andyan din ang mga kaibigan masasabi kong tunay na nagmamahal sa akin. Mga kaibigang subok na sa anumang pagsubok. Mga kaibigang handa akong protektahan at tulungan. Isang malaking pasasalamat na nakilala ko sila. Ayoko ng maghangad pa ng iba. Sapat na kung ano ang meron ako at kung ano ang maibibigay ko sa kanila.

Di ko mapigilan na hindi asamin ang pagdating ng kapaskuhan. Masaya ako. Ngayon pa lang, sa unang araw ng Disyembre, ramdam ko ang pinaghalong init at lamig ng kapaskuhan. Hangad kong maging maligaya ang lahat.

Isang maagang pagbati sa araw ng kapaskuhan!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


What's with this month?

Birthday ko. In a few days time, I'll be hitting the age of _ _. Waahhh! Time flew so, so fast! Am I that old na ba talaga? Ahuhuhu.. Well, kesa mag-iiyak ako, let me be thankful that I've reached this age (and counting for more..) I'm still with my family, living happily with them. Gained more, more friends. Healthy and fit. Financially, spiritually and emotionally stable (finally!). And doing my heart's desires: Travel!

I may not have a perfect life. I may still lack something in some ways. But I'm happy still. :)

All Saint's/Soul's Day. Time to pay tribute to our departed loved ones. Never fail to miss going to memorial parks and hold some mini reunions with the other members of the family! 

Special payout due to holidays. Sarap. It's what everyone awaits! Dagdag sweldo!

VTO. Leave. Thanksgiving sa US. (Yung mga nagwo-work lang sa call centers ang nakaka-relate dito!) 

Start of Christmas fever. Isang segundo lang na matapos ang Nov 1, ayan na ang mga nagkalat na Christmas decorations. From usual to pa-usong decorations. Mga Christmas sales all over the Metro. 13th month payout. Sales and bargains. Night market or tyangge. Puto bumbong and bibingka. 

Hay, di na talaga mapigilan ang pasko! September pa nga lang, amoy na ang himig kapaskuhan, what more pa pag sumapit na ang buwan ng Disyembre! 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Casa Manila

 I just did my Intramuros tour last year and had the chance to visit Casa Manila. However, it was only the courtyard part that I got to visit and not the museum itself. Lucky me that I needed to go to Intramuros yesterday to accompany a friend in an event. While waiting for the event to start, we wandered the streets of Intramuros and found myself facing the entrance door leading to the courtyard and to the museum of Casa Manila.

Casa Manila is a Spanish colonial home. It resembles our version of "compound" or "apartment". It serves as dwellings to the landlords and several tenants. 

The landlord's home has two floors. And anyone can tell that is the landlord's home by the intricate architectural designs and very classic sophisticated choice of furniture. The first floor has the landlord's office and 2 guests rooms. The second floor serves as the receiving room with a spacious hallway and lotsaaaa chairs. (Kung ako ang bisita, maloloka ako sa dami ng upuan, di ko alam saan uupo o magpapalipat-lipat ako ng upuan para ma-experince lahat!) It houses the prayer room, another guest room and the (another spacious) master's bed room. I fancy all the narra-made cabinets and dressers! The four-poster beds on all rooms (less the mattress.. di pa uso non ang mattress!) On the other side is the dining area filled with the finest of china wares. There's this stuff called pun ka (I forgot the correct spelling) It's like a large piece of cloth hanged at the ceiling with ropes being pulled by maids (or parang electric fan!) use to drive away flies/mosquitoes while the landlord, his family and some guests are eating. Bongga talaga!

I got to see the kitchen too. Very classic! There's a dome structure where they bake breads (wala pang oven nun!) Wooden laddles and spatulas, large iron cauldrons and kettle. Biscuit molds made of wood with different shapes and sizes. Banga (ceramic jar) to store water. And you wont believe this, they've got a refrigerator back then! It's not the electric type but it's somewhat made of iron or aluminum (I really can't tell..) where they used to keep the ice (well, obviously, not for long..) The rest rooms.. so old school! The toilet are not the ceramic type but made of wood (with arm chairs pa!) and there are bath tubs and dippers too.

The tour inside the landlord's house won't take much of your time, 30 mins to an hour is enough na! Di ka maliligaw coz you just to follow and step on the red carpet. It'll lead you to the different parts of the house. At the last stop (the kitchen area), they will let you sign on their guest book and leave a comment. 

It's amazing that Intramuros administration really had the chance to preserve and restore Casa Manila and it's beauty from what it was before. We'll the tenants' houses were converted to souvenir shops, cafe, restaurants and offices. The courtyard is a very relaxing place. With the fountain as the main attraction and the cobbled stones and walls, it feels like you wanna try living the life back then. 

If you wanna visit and see what's inside Casa Manila, you can go there anytime of the week. No fee. But if you wanna visit the museum itself, you may visit anytime except on Mondays and there's a fee of php 75. Yun nga lang, no pictures allowed inside. For your eyes only! It's a few blocks away from Manila Cathedral and San Agustin church. It's worth-paying the visit!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Who's to Blame?

Anytime we perceive that someone has weakened us, has downed us, has hurt us, has come against us, we really have to evaluate that honestly. 

Did they really, or did we decide they did, then hurt ourselves with that series of thoughts?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

One Year, One New Me

Been pondering on my so called "new life". It's been a year. A year of just me, spending my new found "me time", discovering my new self and exploring some new journeys all by myself. Definitely not the time for some emo madness. Just looking back on the year that was.

Let me be blunt of saying this: I am celebrating my first year as a single woman. Single. Not in a relationship. 

The first few months were extremely harsh. I've almost reached the verge of giving up. Letting my life go astray. Full of b***s**t! That was me. Second and third quarter went just fine. Diverting my attention, mostly into traveling. Starting to use my "me time". Slowly recuperating. The last quarter was great. I can now face everyone. Accepted the situation I've been to. Forgave myself and the others. Happy.

I just can't imagine that life will be good to me. All along I thought life's always unfair. But I was wrong. Maybe life just realized I didn't do anything bad so he has no reasons to make mine miserable. I did what I just needed to do: Live life as it is. To the fullest. As if it's my last. Live positively. Always smile and be happy.

It really ain't an easy process. But if you have the will to move on and see yourself look good again and try to put back the life that you had way before you had him, there must be no stopping you now. Don't look back. Always look ahead. 

Thanks to my ever supportive friends. I've seen the real definition of the saying, A friend in need is a friend indeed. They may not always be there for me but they always make sure every time we spend together must be well-spent. I love hearing their unconditional advice. I just love to be in my friends' company. Next to my family, they're God's best gift to me. My second loves. 

Let me end this by saying I'm living my life now the way I want it to be. The way I've envisioned it a year ago. I thought it'll will far-fetched. I'd say this wouldn't be possible without my family and friends. But I must say I really owe this life to myself. Because I kept  my promise and pursued my will to live and love my life. Because I believed that no one can stop me from being me and do the things at my own will. Because I relied mostly to God and let Him lead me to the right path where I'm at right now.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Do the Math on my Travel Expenses

A follow up on my blog DIY Travel Tips.. I am laying down all my expenses on my 3-day Cebu travel adventure. I, (ahem), got the guts to show this to... (ahmm) .. help(?!?) travelers stretch their moolahs when they've decided to travel (in Cebu, of course!) but I really (really, really) don't recommend you try this! (whew!) You can still stretch your budget up to.. half of what I've spent (geesh.. big spender!)

Okay.. Here it goes:

I really allotted a travel budget of php 6000 (in case of emergency.. you can never tell what's gonna happen!) Inclusive of fares, fees, accommodations, food, drinks, pasalubong. But I didn't intend to spend all (fingers crossed!)

Below are my personal expenses, Chinchan's not included... :)

Day 1: Gora sa Cebu and Cebu city tour

(we stayed at GranPrix Hotel - free accommodation c/o of ChinChan)

60.00 - breakfast of siopao, banana and 1 liter of water - c/o 711
100.00 - taxi from Cubao to NAIA Terminal 3 - without the traffic!
200.00 - terminal fee
65.00 - taxi from Mactan Intl Airport to Mactan Shrine       
105.00 - taxi from Mactan Shrine to SM City Cebu
62.00 - lunch at CnT - (chopsuey, lechon, rice and soda) may corkage fee pag nagdala ka ng sarili mong inumin.. duh!
50.00 - taxi to Roseate Pension Inn - along Urgelio st
494.00 - overnight stay to Roseate Pension Inn - deluxe- 2 single bed, with view (Crown Regency Hotel)
50.00 - taxi to Taoist Temple - we're supposed to try the habal-habal pero di panatag ang kalooban ko sumakay sa motorcycle!
55.00 - taxi to Fort San Pedro
30.00 - entrance fee at Fort San Pedro
80.00 - taxi to Larsian sa Fuente 
75.00 - dinner at Larsian - 6 isaw, 4 pork bbq, 7 puso + makapal na usok!
545.00 - pasalubong at Shamrock store - otap, dried mango, turones de mani, piyaya

Day 2: Trip to Moalboal, Cebu

(free breakfast from Roseate Pension Inn)

32.50 - taxi to South Cebu Bus Terminal
5.00 - terminal fee
112.00 - bus fare to Moalboal - aircon bus!
20.00 - chicharon Carcar
150.00 - tricycle fare - from drop off point to Panagsama to Orchid Garden to White Beach, mini tour na din!
10.00 - entrance fee at Orchid Garden - with caged birds at sangdamukal na unggoy
750.00 - overnight stay at HK Resort - na walang TV!
175.00 - lunch at HK Resort - beefstik with drinks, masarap naman kahit shala!
35.00 - bottled water
130.00 - souvenir shirt

Day 3: Kawasan Falls tour and Fly back na to Manila!

300.00 - tricycle fare to Kawasan Falls - arkilado si Manong eh! 
210.00 - entrance fee + bayad sa guide going to Kawasan falls
30.00 - breakfast at Moalboal carinderia - pusit, tortang talong, rice and water - walang free breakfast sa HK resort :(
107.00 - bus fare to Cebu city - ordinary bus na lang
40.00 - chicharon Carcar
32.00 - lunch at carinderia sa terminal
100.00 - taxi to Mactan Intl Airport
200.00 - terminal fee

then free shuttle na lang from NAIA terminal 3 to MRT, then FX at tricycle at bahay ko na! :)

So there.. yan ang aking mga expenses sa paglamyerda  ko sa Cebu! Magastos ba? Oo. Aminado naman ako. Pansin naman, puro taxi di ba? Pwede ba bumawi sa susunod? :)

Ang sa akin lang naman kung kaya ko naman gumastos, okay lang, basta masulit ko yung byahe. Material na bagay lang yan, madali ipunin, pero gamitin dapat ng wasto!         


DIY Travel Tips

I have read this travel blog where the blogger used to list down all her itineraries and expenses. Well, I assume, most travel bloggers do this,  right? It's their way of helping would-be travelers on how to live on a tight budget while enjoying the luxury of traveling. And by showing the easiest and comfortable way of traveling (air, sea or land) without the fear of, of course, getting lost!

For people who has never (ever!) set their foot on a strange land, they would really find this useful. Not only they'll get the easiest route and the cheapest place to stay or eat, but it will also open their eyes to what they are about to discover on the strange land. What sort of people they're about to meet and greet, what tourist attractions awaits them, what souvenir items are worth-bringing home, what places are not to be visited, what festivities are worth-joining and not to be missed.

Everything's been set for us. It's our DIY travel book (or Idiot's Guide to Traveling -name of place- .. haha!)  We don't need to buy expensive travel books or maps (even compass!) Have your eyes glued on the net, search on travel blogs and voila! There you go.. You can feel your hands are itching to click on every blogs you see, checking all the places these people have been, jotting down all their travel adventures (or simply print a copy - less hassle) What is left for us to do is pack our things and off we go to a new adventure. 

That's what I did when I booked myself a flight to Cebu. With the help of my travel buddy ChinChan of, we spent countless days looking for the cheapest yet enjoyable trip to Cebu. My idea of a Cebu trip was focused mainly on the city. I did not know that Cebu offers the best beaches, too! I didn't have the slightest idea that Camotes, Malapascua and Bantayan Islands were neighboring islands of Cebu. I've realized that the other provinces of Cebu, just like the city proper, has much to offer. My eyes feasted on amazement, my tummy's on the delicious foods and my mind's on the over flowing of thoughts as I am witnessing a beauty that no one will dare miss.

I tried to write down, as vividly as I can remember, all the places we've been, the activities we did and the moolahs we've shelled out to finance our travel. Much as I tried to cut down the cost by taking public transportation, I can't help but take cabs (for fear of getting lost..) Cebu jeepney's are making me crazy, with all the letter-number combo that you have to watch for.. I just find it complicated (sigh) We just made bawi na lang sa foods. I didn't fancy the numerous restaurants. Carinderia will do for me.  CnT and Larsian.. the best! Delicious and very affordable! We didn't even miss taking advantage the free breakfast offered by the inns. Sayang!

We could have won the tipid travel challenge if not for these lavish cabs we took going to-from. And another culprit, the hotel/inn where we stayed. I'm not picky when it comes to choosing the room to stay but, oh my, I can't stand a day without a TV. Room must be well-ventilated. No a/c? Fan will do. Clean sheets. Cabinets/drawers for storage and clean restroom. I even tried picturing myself staying on a dormitory-type of lodging.. but I love privacy! I want privacy!  So, hotel/inn on a tipid travel challenge: failed! Pasalubong? I narrowed it by spending just 500 pesos, no more, no less. 

This challenge thought me lots of things. I can't do everything what others can (much as I want to believe in myself that I can do this!) I can only do so much.. :)

But I'll do better when my next travel adventure comes. I will "try" to save more and spend less while enjoying the trip!

Friday, October 14, 2011


Just want to share what I've just heard on the radio while I am on my way home a few hours ago.. Manong driver's tuned in to 96.3 Easy Rock. And I love this radio station. Old, classic songs! Brings back the old memories.. 

Anyways, the DJ at that time was Andre Jordan. Nice voice. He's quite frank. Tamaan na talaga ang dapat tamaan sa mga advices nya. (Recently, I find DJ's doing the mala-Charo Santos-kind-of-work.. Advice dito, advice doon.. Minsan totoo, minsan corny, minsan walang kwenta - just for fun lang ba! Pero we still listen.. religiously! - Pinoy nga naman.. )

So I was just listening to the songs being played. Medyo reminisce ng konti. Then Andre went on air na. And I really (as in really!) like what he'd just said:

Sometimes the ones we dismiss so easily are the ones who will stay to weather the storm for us..

Shoot! Sapul! He's not even pointing fingers to anyone pero it's obvious naman na super dami ang natamaan! To cite an example, you're not in the mood. An officemate approaches you, asks how you're feeling today, and you simply said "I'm okay".. even if you're not. You'll never know what advice can your officemate give you the moment you let him know you're condition. Another one. You're heartbroken. Manong Janitor notices it, asks you kung okay ka lang. You simply shrug. What if Manong Janitor, kahit simpleng janitor lang sya, has lots to say when it comes to matters of the heart? What if he's been through the same situation you're into now? Last one. Our parents. Once we've turned into grown ups, feeling natin we know everything. We no longer consult them for guidance. And even if they offer help, we ignore them. Wala naman sila alam. Di nila alam ang pinagdaraanan natin. But at the end of the day, who do we turn to? Still, sila pa rin, our parents. They may never know the in's and out's of everything (like fashion, technology, trends) but unlike these stuff, they never fade. Never will..

We tend to listen to the ones we like.  Tama? Ta-maaa...

We tend to ignore the ones we don't like. And most often than not, the ones we always ignore has the most to say. The ones we always avoid are the ones whose likely to stay, whether we like it or not. So ironic noh?

The moral here is to learn to appreciate whatever anyone has to say, whoever they are, regardless of their status and situation in life. We're so picky. Sa sobrang picky, wala ng natitira, naubusan na pala tayo. Pero the ones that you left behind, kahit ano pa ang gawin mo, saan mang sulok ng mundo ka magpunta, will always be there.. to stay.. to weather the storm for you.. to carry your burdens.. to love you unconditionally..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Plant with Me!

My employer's way of giving back all the blessings received was to show support on all cause-oriented activities. And one of them is Plant With Me activity.

The activity is very simple. Plant. :)

We volunteered ourselves on the said activity for the following reasons: 

a) Leave credit/s - yes, you heard it right! You volunteer and right away you gain one leave credit. Isn't that nice? Where in the world you'll get an extra leave credit just by planting? Not much effort was even exerted.

b) Road trip - take the chance to go on a road trip at no cost! Just enjoy the trip and wait til you get to the destination. 

c) Fame (?!?) - pwede na.. Just try to imagine having your pictures taken while planting. Artista? haha.. Not much. May nakatingin sa camera, merong hindi. Mas maganda yung stolen shots eh. May mga camera-conscious. Kailangan munang mag-pose at kunin ang tamang anggulo bago picture.

d) Awareness/Assistance - Simply helping Mother Earth. Pay back time, ika nga. Sino pa ang magtutulungan kundi tayo-tayo lang? And it's a great feeling that you're helping others. Di kailangan ng pera. Just effort and willingness to help. Kakaiyak. Kaka-touch.

e) Fun! - Mas masarap mag-work when you're with your friends. It's a different bonding. Tulungan sa pagbungkal ng lupa, sa pagwalis, pagbunot ng damo at pagtanim. Pagod man ang lahat after a hard day's work pero kitang-kita ang mga ngiti sa labi.

Honestly, I am always looking forward for these kinds of activities. Kahit wala ng leave credits. Just the thought that you're doing this as a sign of helping others and showing your compassion towards nature and mankind. 

Boodle Feast @ Seafood Island

Sobrang gutom ka na ba? Tara at mag-boodle feast na!

Are you a member of a hungry pack with pocket's aching out loud (due to a tight budget) but still looking for a good place to eat? Have you felt the need to eat without kaartehan? No spoon/fork/knives. No plates. Very cowboy way of eating yet still inside a classy resto?

I'd say go to Blackbeard's Seafood Island and try the Boodle feast! Very affordable. Very delicious food. It's a different bonding over eating!

Wander Woman

Wander Woman: The woman who likes to wander around. And it's me! I've come to realized that I like, and love, to travel. Travel with friends. Travel to see the beauty of nature. Travel to taste local delicacies. Travel to own bits and pieces of what the place has to offer. Travel to amaze myself on the numerous wonders our country has to offer. 

We have tons of reasons why we like and love traveling. We even have different ways of defining the word traveling. Some travel for fun. Some involves business. Some travel for research. Some travel seeking for inner peace. Some would like to witness different festivities. Some travel and brag.

For me, traveling is witnessing what a certain place has to offer. I am a visual person so I want to see every bits and pieces. I love taking pictures. I like owning something from where I came from. I love proofs of my travel. That's why whenever I travel, I never sleep. Because I don't want to miss a single thing. Kahit nakaharap pa ako sa isang bundok o bangin.. it's still worth it! I like seating near the window mapa-bus o plane pa sya. Sometimes I tend not to mingle with my seat mate because my eyes were all glued outside. The talk can wait; the scenery can't. 

Traveling doesn't only feed the eyes with the beauty of nature. It also awakens our other senses: taste, touch, hear and smell. Now it's up to you how you'll use each one of them to make the traveling fulfilling. Given that the eyes are for the wonderful sights, the sense of taste applies to the local dishes and delicacies, the sense of touch for feeling the warmth of the people and the surroundings, the sense of hearing while listening to the laughter, cries and stories told by the people and the sense of smell for savoring the scent of a freshly-picked fruit.

There was this moment that I feel like I already knew what I really wanted in life. That was the moment when I am recalling all the travel activities I've made this far. I love to travel. It made, and still making, me happy. I love to write and share what I've experienced to everyone. I can't say that I am gonna take it to a serious level where what I'd only do in life is travel and write. I still have lots of needs to attend to. 

For now I'll just let my creative juices pour out and share it by means of writing. I blog not because it's "in" but this is where I put all my thoughts on things. I care less for people who will scrutinize my posts. After all, they're entitled to their own opinion. I don't have anything in particular when it comes to blogging. Travel. Food. Life experiences. Love problems. Name it. 

I will still continue my passion for travel. I maybe on a tight budget but it's not a great excuse for me not to fulfill what I've wanted. Focus. Self-control. Determination. Continue to feed my mind and my senses with history, pictures, stories, and foods. I travel because I want to know more. I am eager to learn.

Friday, September 9, 2011

-Ber na..

Septem-ber.. Octo-ber.. Novem-ber.. Decem-ber.. O-ber? Di naman..

Excited much lang lahat ng tao pag sumapit na ang mga buwan na nagtatapos sa -ber.What do we usually, and obviously, expect when these months come?

Pasko... Isali na din ang All Saint's Day at Thanksgiving (para sa mga nagwo-work sa call center..).

Regalo. Kasiyahan. Malamig na panahon. Madilim na paligid. Love life. Whew!

It's so hard to explain kung matutuwa ba ako o hindi dahil nalalapit na naman ang mga buwan na mapapagastos ako ng sinasadya. Regalo kay ganito, kay ganon. Sira ang budget. Nagsulputan ang mga samu't-saring okasyon. Mga okasyong dati ng ipinagdiriwang at mga okasyong napag-isipan lang. Mananariwa sa alaala ang mga pangalan ng mga taong hindi maaaring kalimutan, kalimitan mga inaanak! Makakaisip ng mga bagong idea at makakabili ng mga bagong gamit na sa wari'y makadadagdag sa appeal.

Malamig na panahon na gusto at ayaw ko. Masarap matulog ng malamig ang panahon pero hindi masarap maligo ng tubig na animo'y nagyeyelo. Gastos sa LPG na pampainit ng isang kalderong tubig. Dagdag bayad sa kuryente dahil sa malimit na paggamit ng airpot para makapag-kape. Extra budget sa pagbili ng mga sweater, hoodies at cardigans. Mga "in" na suotin sa panahon ng taglamig.

Madilim na paligid dahil mas mahaba ang gabi sa umaga. Alas sais pa lang ng umaga pero wari mo'y alas dyes na! Kailangan ko na yata ng extrang battery para sa flashlight ko! Simulang ayusin ang mga street lights pero hindi na malamang kailangan dahil patataubin lang sila ng mga kumpol-kumpol na christmas lights at lanterns. Pa-check up na kaya ako ng mata para maaninag ang mga aninong pilit na sumusunod sa akin. Anino ng tao, anino ng mga  nagkalat na pusa at aso.

Nafe-feel ko na ang stress sa pag-iisip ng mga posible at practical na panregalo sa mga minahal, minamahal at mamahalin ko sa buhay. Ano ang bagay kay ganito? Gusto kaya ito ni ganyan? Meron na kaya sya nito? Malaman kaya nya na binili ko lang ito sa Divi? Magustuhan nya kaya ang kulay dilaw na medyas? Mahalata nya kayang japeyk ang bigya kong hikaw? Mga walang katapusang katanungan na di masasagot hanggat di nakukuha ng pagbibigyan ko ang regalo nya at masisilayan ko ang ngiti nyang (a) tunay at natural (b) pilit (c) may kasamang plastic na halakhak (d) labas ang mga pearly whites, wag lang masabing di ngumiti..

At ang huli ay ang paglipana ng mga nagkalat na asosasyon ng mga S-M-P... Aaarrrgghhhh!!!! I belong? No..  Christmas is for everyone. And the celebration doesn't start and even end requiring someone to have his/her own partner. I am not bitter but it is definitely not fair. For couples, it's an added bonus to celebrate it with your special someone. For those with the gift of single blessedness, you have your family and friends.. Cliche as it may sound, but that's the reality of life. Why deprive yourself of a truly special event?  Anyone can have their own share of christmas.. (panting...) haha..

Well, those were just merely my thoughts when the months of -ber come.. I am so thrilled to know how time flies so fast. There's a bit of excitement as to how I would see myself come face to face with the fears lingering in my head. There's sadness in my eyes for not sharing these -ber moments with people I truly cherished. There's the kid-in-me-attitude playing behind as I see myself wandering on the beauty this event holds for everyone.

-Ber na.. Di na mapigilan. Just enjoy and have fun! Woot!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Belt it Out!

Sabi nila, mahirap pilitin ang isang tao na mahalin ka.. katulad ng musika, hindi ka naman sasabay sa kantang ayaw mo di ba?

Bakit nga ba napapakanta ang isang tao? Nasa tono man o wala? Kasi avid fan tayo nung singer. Kasi maganda sa pandinig ang kanta at madaling sabayan. Kasi nakakaantig ang lyrics o madaling kabisaduhin. O kasi minsan na nating nai-share ang kantang ito sa isang tao. Isang taong malaki ang naging bahagi sa buhay natin. 

Kahit di natin kilala kung sino yung kumanta, wala tayong pakialam. Foreign man o local, babae o lalake yung singer, solo, boyband o banda man, basta nagustuhan natin yung kanta, yung na-LSS ba, walang pwedeng kumontra!
Ang dami kong paboritong kanta. Kanta mula sa mga singer o banda na ngayon ko lang narinig. Mga bagong kanta na di pa napapatugtog sa radyo o MTV pero dahil nakakarelate ka sa lyrics at dahil may isang taong nag-share sa akin nung kantang yun..  instant favorite ko na sya. Parang baliw lang na naka-repeat one lang ang playlist ko at walang malay na unti-unti ko na pala syang nakakabisado. Unti-unting na akong nilulunod ng mga masasayang alaala sa tuwing mapakikinggan ko sya.

Pero paano kung ang paborito kong kanta ay hindi na paborito ng taong gusto ko? Magiging paborito ko pa ba? Kung yung mismong taong nag-introduce at nag-share sa akin ng kantang iyon ay may bago ng paborito? Aanhin ko pa ang repeat one feature sa playlist ko kung hindi ko naman mai-share sa taong yun ang kantang paborito ko. Baka nga burahin ko na lang yung kanta sa playlist ko.

Kung anong sarap ng feeling na may ka-share ka sa isang awitin, ganun din ang pait ng lungkot na mararamdaman sa oras na mawalan ka ng dahilan para pag-alayan ng awit.

Mahirap ng ipilit sa sarili na magustuhan pa yung awiting yun. Pero mahirap din kalimutan. Music never fades. Maaaring mawala na sa sirkulasyon pero hindi sya mawawala kailan man. Pwedeng ipauso ulit, i-revive ng ibang singer, gawing OST sa isang pelikula o telenovela. Wala pa ring lusot. Maaalala mo pa rin.

Ang importante ay naging malaking bahagi ng buhay ko ang musika. Musika na minsan nagdulot sa akin ng kasiyahan, napalitan man ng kalungkutan pero lubha akong pinagtibay sa hamon ng buhay at pag-ibig. Wala namang nagbabawal na sabayan ko pa din ang awit ng buhay ng mag-isa. Baka sa walang humpay kong pagsabay, may maglakas-loob na sabayan ako. Yung di na kailangan pilitin, yung kusang aawit para sa akin.


Never Expect, Never Assume.

Very timely para sa nararamdaman ko ngayon. Because I am the type of person na sobra, as in sobra, mag-expect at mag-assume. Kung meron man i-expect o i-assume, bahala na. Dun ako masaya eh. Masaya sa paggawa ng mumunting mundo kung saan lahat ay posible. Kung saan lahat ay pabor sa akin, sa kagustuhan ko.

Ang masaktan ay natural na. Hinihintay ko na lang kung paano at kung kelan. Kung sobrang sakit o kung kaya pang dalin. Kung makakabangon pa ako o lugmok na naman.

Sarap mag-expect di ba? Lalo na kung sure ball na may i-expect ka talaga? Eh pano kung wala? Eh di wala.. As if may magagawa naman ako para i-expect ang isang bagay na kailan man di ko makukuha.

Ayoko muna isipin yun. Ang saitwasyon ko sa ngayon ang mas importante. Ang mga magagandang nangyayari sa akin. Mga bagay na lumulugar sa kagustuhan ko. Mga moments na kung saan nasasambit kong masarap mabuhay. Masarap ma-in love.

Ano nga mga ba ang mga expectations at assumptions ko? Simple lang. Ang maging masaya sa piling ng mga taong gusto ko at mabuhay na kasama sila. Ang magkaroon ng mga di mabilang na sandali sa piling nila. Yun bang parang wala ng katapusan. Yun bang iisipin mo na lang kung ano pa ang mga bagay na mas higit pang makakapagpasaya sa kanila. Walang problemang kinakaharap.

Saglit lang. Di ba parang sa panaginip lang nangyayari ang ganung set up? Sa pangarap? Napaka-imposible ang mga iniisip ko at wala pa yatang taong nakaka-achieve nun. 

Napaka-komplikado ko talagang tao. Hinahangad ang mga imposible sa buhay. Perfectionist, pwede. Pero madalas magkamali.

Masaya ako. Sa ngayon. Pero bukas, hindi ko masasabi. I am fully aware kung ano ang kahihinatnan ng mga expectations at assumptions ko. Gusto ko lang muna mag-enjoy bago maghirap ang damdamin ko. 

Kelan ko kaya maisasaloob ang mga katagang ito? never expect, never assume.

Hate That I Love You

There it goes.. There it goes again!

If my memory serves me correctly, I have been in this situation before. An awkward situation where I have no choice but to let my feelings out and my voice be heard. Oh, heaven help me! And I have a feeling that it's happening again..

I kept everything that needs to be hidden, known, heard, seen and felt.. For it won't just do me any good. For it would only leave me broken. And hurt.

But this crazy little thing called love didn't mind heeding my request. It even opened my senses and let me experience how good it feels to love and be love again. I won't deny that. But it's like making myself vulnerable to the same feeling that caused me so much pain.

But to love is to experience pain. To get hurt is the result of undying love. And no one has ever showed real love  without getting hurt in return. Pure, unconditional it is and the reward is excruciating pain.. 

Am I ready to take it again? To feel it again? To love, be love and get hurt. If that's what it takes for me to be happy, to feel loved, to enjoy life and to laugh freely, I wouldn't mind.. I'll take and dare to do the challenges. Enough to let that someone special know that I am definitely yearning for his love. That I am deserving of a life long happiness, in his arms.

Let life and love decide for us. If we're really for each other, I will never ever have questions about it. It would definitely bring me so much delight! A life well- lived and well-loved.

But if not, well, I can't do much but accept the fact. Reality hurts. Take it back from where we started. Friends. Best of friends. The process may not be easy and may not be short, but I can still live with that! 

Guess I won't have to think of it for now. Let me enjoy the moment I am spending with you. I care less if it's leading us to nowhere. The thought hasn't even slipped in my mind. I am happy, for now. Until when is one question I can hardly avoid to answer but let it sit for now simply as a thought.

I want to hate myself for letting myself go astray again when I could have prevented it from the start. This is what makes my life so thrilling. The taking of numerous chances and risk, without the idea of what these could bring me after, is my forte. This is what I believe. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Can't Do Much on a Rainy Monday

It's raining.. again! Kahit it's already in the news na umalis na daw si bagyong Goring. And it's another manic Monday. Start of the week, start of work.

Though I have nothing against working, pero kahit sino tanungin mo, everyone hates Monday. Kung tao lang siguro si Monday, matagal na siguro syang outcast sa lipunan. Lahat ayaw sa kanya. So what could be a better way para wag i-hate si Monday? 

Don't think it's another 5 days of work. What I do is I always look forward for the weekends, kahit kadarating lang ng Monday. Isipin ko pagpasok ko mamaya, 4 days na lang weekends na naman ulit! I don't dwell much on Mondays. Humahaba lang yung takbo ng araw at oras. 

Since I'm working on a graveyard shift, I always think of it this way. After 4 hours of work, maya-maya Tuesday na, and tomorrow is Wednesday na! Ang bilis di ba? And I always think, not of work, but the things I'll be doing come weekends. 

So kahit pasimula pa lang ang week ko and papasok pa lang ako mamaya at umuulan pa.. keribells lang! Lilipas din ang Monday..

Monday, July 4, 2011

Declutter.Destress.Defining the new Me.

Declutter. (vb. to simply get rid of a mess)

Di ko namalayan, tambak na ang mga bagay na di ko na pala kailangan sa buhay ko. Mga bagay na pilit kong itinago at inipon sa aking alaala sa pagbabakasakaling pwede ko pa syang sariwain sa mga darating na panahon. Pero hindi na pala. So, ano pang gamit ng mga bagay at alaalang ito? Naisip ko di ko na rin naman sya mapapakinabangan. Di ko na rin kailangan pang alalahanin. Naisip ko na syang alisin, nang permanente, sa buhay ko. Tama na ang matagal na paghihintay  sa muling pananariwa ng mga alaala. Hindi sa nawawalan ako ng pag-asa, pero alam kong wala ng patutunguhan. At di ko naman pinangarap na habambuhay na maghintay. Maraming surpresa ang naghihintay sa akin. Yun ang mas dapat kong unahin at bigyang halaga.

De-stress. (to release bodily or mental tension)

Sa sobrang ginawa kong pre-occupied ang sarili ko sa mga bagay na di naman nararapat bigyang-pansin, unti-unti kong nararamdaman ang stress sa katawan ko. Nanghihina, nanlulumo, nalulungkot. Mga katangiang di ko ninais makamtan at maramdaman. Kahit kailan di ko pinangarap na makita ang sarili kong namumuhay ng miserable. Sino ba ang may gusto? Kaya kung ganyan lang din ang mga kinakaharap ko, mas mamabutihin kong gumawa ng aksyon. Free my body and thoughts from all these pain and emotions. Dun papasok ang pag-destress. Libangin ang sarili. Look for other diversions. Wag hayaan ang sariling malugmok sa mga di kanais-nais na emotions. Ang kailangan lang ay oras at ang willingness na libangin ang sarili. Di kailangan gumastos o lumayo pa. Ang mahalaga nag-enjoy ka at napawi mo ang mga kalungkutan. At ang matapos ang araw na masaya ka.

Defining the new Me.

Sa ngayon, di ko pa mahanap ang exact definition kung sino ako. Pilit lang ako sumasakay sa agos ng buhay. Ngunit di ko hinangad na mamuhay sa anino ng ibang tao. Lahat naman ng tao may sariling identity. Sariling uniqueness. Di ko kailangan na makilala at maging sikat. Ang importante may mga taong nakapalibot sa akin at patuloy na nagsusuporta at nagmamahal. Ang mahalaga nai-enjoy ko ang bawat minuto sa piling nila. Hindi ako perpekto para maghangad ng lahat para masabi kong kumpeto ang buhay ko. Walang ginawa ang Diyos na perpekto. Kung anuman ang wala ako sa ngayon, di ko yun kailangang gawing big deal. Mas mag-focus na lang sa kung ano ang meron ako sa kasalukuyan at kung paano ko pa ito mapagbubuti. 

Ang kaligayahan di mo masusukat. Dahil ikaw ang gumagawa ng kaligayahan mo. Di mo kailangan makipagkumpetensya sa iba, sa kung sino ang mas masaya at sino ang hindi. Hanggat maligaya ang pakiramdam ko, lingid man sa kaaalaman ng iba, ipagpapatuloy ko ito. Ako lang ang bukod tanging makapagsasabi kung ano ang makapagpapaligaya sa akin. Di ko masabi kung ano o sino, basta ng importante masaya ako.

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