Saturday, November 27, 2010

Being Yourself Quotes 2

You can love me, hate me, resent me, respect me, but you have to accept me for me, because that’s all ill ever be
The best feeling in the world is doing something everyone said you couldn’t

“Just be yourself,
and if people don’t like it,
well fuck them,"

The real challenge is to be nobody but myself in a world which is doing its best to make me like everybody else
I’m not a perfect girl. My hair doesn't always stay in place
and I spill a lot of things. I’m pretty clumsy & sometimes I
have a broken heart my friends & I sometimes fight and
maybe some days nothing goes right. But when I think about
it and I take a step back.. I remember how amazing my life
truly is and that maybe, just maybe - I like being imperfect.
I’m not gunna get drunk to please the crowd
I'm not gunna be a slut and sleep around
I'm gunna say what I think and say it loud
I'm gunna say what I believe & I'm gunna stand proud
I'm gunna be me, no matter who I'm around..

"Be who you are and say what you want, for those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind"

listen to what people say when they are mad, that is when the truth comes out

If you don't like my words, don't listen. If you don't like my appearance, don't look. If you don't like my actions, turn your head; It's as simple as that

When I was four they tried to test my IQ. They showed me a picture of three oranges and a pear. They asked me which one is different and does not belong, they taught me different was wrong

People always say you should be yourself. Like 'yourself' is this definite a toaster or something. Like you can know what it is even...But every so often, I'll have like, a moment, when just being myself, in my life, right where I am, is like...enough

People are afraid of themselves, of their own reality; their feelings most of all. People talk about how great love is, but that's bullshit. Love hurts. Feelings are disturbing. People are taught that pain is evil and dangerous. How can they deal with love if they're afraid to feel? Pain is meant to wake us up. People try to hide their pain. But they're wrong. Pain is something to carry, like a radio. You feel your strength in the experience of pain. It's all in how you carry it. That's what matters. Pain is a feeling. Your feelings are a part of you. Your own reality. If you feel ashamed of them, and hide them, you're letting society destroy your reality. You should stand up for your right to feel your pain.

You can make whatever you want out of YOUR life, but first you have to not be afraid to try

Worry about your character and not your reputation, because your character is who you are, and your reputation is only what people think of you.
Cling to your imperfections... They're what makes you unique

Being Yourself Quotes

I really don't think that anyone in this world knows the real me. My closest friends know me better than anyone else, but I don't think I’ve ever let certain sides of me come out around anyone except myself. I keep some feelings hidden because no one would understand, and even if they did understand, there wouldn't be anything that anyone could do to make the feelings disappear.

Worry about your character,
not your reputation because
your character is who you `
are & your reputation is
what people think you are

I'm not perfect, I never tried to be. I've made mistakes. I've taken the easy way out. I've lied to my friends. I've hidden the truth so many times from so many people. I've hurt people, and I've even done it on purpose. I've left people behind. I've spread rumors. I've said things that I didn't mean. I'm no better than anyone, anywhere. I'm human. I have faults, and I'm not afraid to admit that. I want to change, but I won't. Because that's what we do. That's what we've always done. We list our faults like a grocery list, and we move on, expecting everything to somehow change itself. It never will. I will never change. I will never be perfect. I will always make mistakes. I'll, more often than not, take the easy way out. I will lie, hide the truth, hurt people, leave people behind, spread rumors, and say things I don't mean for the rest of my life.--- jeneveve

'have you ever realized that when ..
people say you’ve changed
it’s just because you’ve stopped
living your life ... their way

Most people don't know who they are.
That's why they lie. They're afraid someone
else will figure it out before they do

I’m nowhere near perfect
I eat when I’m bored
I fall for boys too easily
I’m vulnerable to their lies
I’m hoping that one day
someone can get to know me
without me getting into a long story
I live by quotes that explain exactly what I’m going through
I make excuses for everything in my life
I’m not perfect
and I’m glad
because I think that would make me extremely boring
Sorry I actually eat unlike some people...Sorry I can be myself around guys unlike some people... Sorry I like to have fun and I don’t care what people think about me... Sorry I am me

But seriously how can you figure out what you’re made of if it's always easy. - Kris Langard

I'm not always as confident as I seem ... there are many nights and many days when all I want is to be held. I love being held. Always. Sometimes I don't want to talk about what is bothering me ... sometimes I just want a hug ... someone who will let me cry. I like when boys cry in front of me -- when people aren't afraid to show what they're really feeling. I don't like when people run from their true feelings because it doesn't do anyone any good. I wear my heart on my sleeve, but I am not naive. I know what it feels like to be completely broken and I am all too familiar with what it means to be hurt. I know what it's like to see something funny and not laugh. I've been taken advantage of, used, and abused. My feelings have been blatantly disregarded. But I still believe that all people are good at heart ... and my trust in people has not diminished. To be completely honest, I hope it never does. Ever.

"It hurts to look at yourself in the mirror and hate yourself, look into the mirror and wonder what ever happened to that smile that used to shine so bright. When you look at yourself, you see this version of "you" that your mind has created, someone that has become so distant and cold that nobody wants to be around her. Empty eyes. Fragile bones. The only thing you have left are the lies you tell yourself everyday to survive, lies that have become your painful reality, lies that will swallow you whole and crush your insides, lies that have turned you into someone you never wanted to be.."

Congratulations! You're not perfect! It's ridiculous to want to be perfect anyway. But then, everybody's ridiculous sometimes, except perfect people. You know what perfect is? Perfect is not eating or drinking or talking or moving a muscle or making even the teensiest mistake. Perfect is never doing anything wrong - which means never doing anything at all. Perfect is boring! So you're not perfect! Wonderful! Have fun! Eat things that give you bad breath! Trip over your own shoelaces! Laugh! Let somebody else laugh at you! Perfect people never do any of those things. All they do is sit around and sip weak tea and think about how perfect they are. But they're really not one-hundred-percent perfect anyway. You should see them when they get the hiccups! Phooey! Who needs 'em? You can drink pickle juice and imitate gorillas and do silly dances and sing stupid songs and wear funny hats and be as imperfect as you please and still be a good person. Good people are hard to find nowadays. And they're a lot more fun than perfect people any day of the week.

Do you ever get that feeling where you don't want to talk to anybody? You don't want to smile and you don't want to fake being happy. But at the same time you don't know exactly what's wrong either. There isn't a way to explain it to someone who doesn't already understand. If you could want anything in the world it would be to be alone. People have stopped being comforting and being along never was. At least when you're alone no one will constantly ask you what is wrong and there isn't anyone who won't take 'I don't know' for an answer. You feel the way you do just because. You hope the feeling will pass soon and that you will be able to be yourself again, but until then all you can do is wait.

Forget what you heard, recognize what you see. I know you heard the rumors... now here's the real me
Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else

there are plenty of reasons to hate me. i just don't want people to hate me because of half-truths, partical truths, and rumors

You have every right to say what you want about me, and I have every right not to give a rat’s ass
The only thing I regret about high school is not doing all the things I heard I did
At times I wish I could change the past...but sometimes the past changes you
"Never regret anything because at some point, you wanted it."
What I say and what I feel are 2 entirely different things. That's just the way I am

I wasn’t born with enough middle fingers to let you know how I feel

It's better to be hated for what you are, than to be loved for what you are not.

When you judge someone it doesn’t define who they are it defines who you are.
I never apologize for saying what I feel. That's like saying sorry for being real.

"This is who I am. Nobody said you had to like it."

I’m sorry if you don’t like me I’m sorry if you think I suck but most of all I’m sorry, I don’t give a fuck

"I never wanted to be different; I just wanted to be me.”

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself

Traits of a Real Man

To build a great house, you need a strong foundation upon which to assemble all the other pretty things. To build a great man, you also need a solid foundation upon which to add all the other little things that set the real men apart from the stronzos -- let's not piss around, the stuff inside matters most.

Over the last few years of writing this little column, I've learned that too many men have no foundation, no basis on which to build the principles I teach. There are many ways to define a man, and different people have different definitions, so I'm going to skip all that crap and tell you the only thing you need to know: Myway is the correct way and that's it, that's all. Capisce?


If you don't agree, go read the column of some guy from Arkansas who thinks owning a pickup truck is what defines a man. You'll see how far you get with his advice.


A real man doesn't cry, doesn't moan, doesn't complain, doesn't get sick, and doesn't need to go to the doctor every time he sneezes. A real man makes decisions and lives with the consequences. A real man accepts responsibility for his actions and his words. A real man is firm. If life is a b*tch, a real man will slap it and move on.

A real man is macho; a real man is tough; a real man doesn't show emotions. A real man is the backbone of his family and doesn't have time to be weak. If spiders scare you, you'll never be a real man.


A real man knows the difference between what's important and what isn't. A real man doesn't waste time on stupidities that don't bring him any profit. Sure, there are things you can do as a hobby -- I like to shoot ducks -- but it must have a purpose. The purpose of my hobby is to improve my aim, and I don't have to tell you whether or not that's a useful thing in my line of work.

A real man focuses on power, money and family. He doesn't focus on sex. Sex comes as a result of having power, money and a wife (and if she doesn't satisfy you, there are plenty of other women who will, especially when you are powerful and rich).


A real man will keep his family strong and pass on his ancestors' history and traditions. A real man knows that his children are God's gift and should be treated as such, even if he disciplines them from time to time.

A real man must also remember his other Family, his organization. In my world, both my family and my Family hold the same importance; I protect them both with all my might. If you have a Family, don't forget where your loyalties lie and who has your back when you need it.


A real man follows omerta; he keeps his mouth shut. He shelters information and rations his words. A real man does not reveal more than he has to and doesn't engage in girlie talk about others. A real man doesn't discuss things he doesn't know about or people he has never met.


When a real man makes a promise, he keeps it. If he can't keep a promise, he doesn't give his word. A real man would rather die than break his word. A real man knows that his words are as powerful as his actions, and that they must be taken at face value. That is why he rations them (see above).


A real man respects himself and others at all times, unless, of course, he has been disrespected. A real man sets an example for his disciples, and especially for his children. I never bring my work home, so my children only know me as their father and not as a waste management executive. You should do the same; a real man sets the tone for his children and keeps them from discovering that he has weaknesses.


A real man doesn't settle for handouts or charity when it comes to his personal fortune. A real man isn't satisfied with papa's money. He spits on Lady Luck and decides his own destiny. A real man who inherits goods from his forefathers takes his inheritance and turns it into 10 times what it was.


A real man doesn't have piercings and long hair, and he doesn't shave his chest. Manicures, however, are acceptable. Massages from female attendants are also tolerated. A real man knows that, outside of his barber, all his personal hygiene needs must be taken care of by a woman.

A real man has at least three suits (with a mandatory pinstriped one) that cost more than a roomful of escorts. A real man wears a suit at least three times a week. Any man who doesn't know how to tie a tie should hand in his testicoli immediately.


Have you ever been inside the boss’ house? There ain’t no pizza boxes sitting around, there ain’t no undershirts on the floor, and there sure as hell ain’t no unpaid bills being used as beer coasters. No ruler can rule over a territory if he isn’t already the master of his own home.

This means you lazy pinheads out there need to stop using machismo as an excuse to live like a bottom-feeder; keep your sty spotless, keep your documents in order and -- listen up on this one -- clean your freaking suits.


You know what’s missing in the world today? Leaders who have had to fight their way to the top. No joking, look at the head of any business that’s circling the toilet bowl, and I’ll show you a boss whose parents' power and money kept him from ever learning things the hard way.

Every successful capo has been on the wrong end of a beatdown -- be it with words or be it with a set of A. Testonis. But those future capos got up again and again, until they knew how to stand their ground -- and that, my students, is when you can start to climb the ladder.


So what have you learned here today, class? You learned that you have a lot of homework to do before you can call yourself a real man. A real man is the essence of manhood because, by definition, he has achieved the pinnacle of his role.

You see? That was me trying to be a smart-ass. Here's a bonus trait: A real man keeps it simple. If you know big words, use them rarely and appropriately, at least in front of morons who think they're smarter than you. Remember, the stuff inside matters most. Lesson over.

Watch your backs and keep your noses clean.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Quezon City Memorial Circle

Quezon Memorial Shrine


Circle of Joy (playground & bike rental area)

playground (for kids & kids-at-heart)

array of foods (this one's an all-you-can eat breakfast for Php99)




Ang goal namin ni bff.. We will do things that will make us happy..

Travel is one.

Travelling doesn't necessarily mean we need to board plane or ship. A simple bus or jeepney ride will do. Travelling doesn't mean we have to be on far places. Simpleng libot around the Metro pwede na. Ang dami pa pala naming di napupuntahan dito sa Manila.

Start muna sa lugar kung saan kami nakatira. Quezon City.

Wikipedia: Quezon City (Filipino: Lungsod Quezon) is the former capital (1948–1976) and the most populous city in the Philippines. Located on the island of Luzon, Quezon City (popularly known to Filipinos as simply QC) is one of the cities and municipalities that make up Metro Manila, the National Capital Region. The city was named after Manuel L. Quezon, the former president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines who founded the city and developed it to replace Manila as the country's capital.

And Quezon City's famous landmark is the QC Memorial Circle. Last punta ko dun ay nung elementary pa ako, part of our educational field trip. Then di na naulit.

So ganun na lang ako ka-excite nung napagplanuhan namin na pumunta sa circle. Ang laki ng pinagbago sya.. as in super laki.. Modernized na. Dati, bago ka makarating sa circle, makikipag-patintero ka muna kay kamatayan sa pagtawid sa kalye. Ngaun, may ginawa ng underpass. Safe nga naman.

Wala na din ung paradahan ng mga jeep sa loob. Tama lang yun, nakakasira ng tanawin.

May mga restaurant na sa loob at isang hilera ng mga pagkaing pinoy. May eat all you can resto, coffee shop, bakeshop, fruit stand, burger stand, palamigan etc. Busog ka agad sa dami.

Isa sa mga highlight ng circle ay yung bike rental. At di namin pinalampas yun. Di ko akalain marunong pa pala ako magbike at aliw na aliw akong gawin yun. Ilang ikot din ang ginawa ko sa loob ng isang oras.

After biking, libot muna sa buong circle. Sarap sana pumunta sa Shrine pero haba ng pila, daming tao at mainit. Then binalikan namin yung nakita naming eat all you can breakfast for 99 pesos. Sarap. Busog.

Sarap balikan ng nakaraan. Sarap alalahanin ng nakaraan. Sarap ulit-ulitin.

Next stop: the walled city of Intramuros

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Flo Rida - Club Can't Handle Me ft. David Guetta [Official Music Video] ...

Reminds me of Step Up 3.. Makes me go dancing.. til I drop!

Club Can't Handle Me

You know I know how
To make em stop and stare as I zone out
The club can't even handle me right now
Watchin you I'm watchin you we go all out
The club can't even handle me right now (yeahhhhh)
The club can't even handle me right now (yeahhhhh)

I own the light and I don't need no help
Gotta be the feeling that scarface player
Stuntin go wild can't handle this plan
Life of the club arrogant like yeah!
Top like money all the girls just melt
Want to many all know me like Twelve
Look like cash and they all just stare
Bottles, Models, standin on chairs
Fall out coz that's the business
All out it's so ridiclous
Zone out so much attention
Scream out I'm in the building (hey! )
They watchin I know this
I'm rockin I'm rolling
I'm holding, I know it
You know it

You know I know how
To make em stop and stare as I zone out
The club can't even handle me right now
Watchin you I'm watchin you we go all out
The club can't even handle me right now (yeahhhhh)
The club can't even handle me right now (yeahhhhh)

Still feelin myself I'm like outta control
Can't stop now more shots lets go
Ten more rounds can I get a Kato
Paparazzi trying to make me pose
Came to party to I came no more
Celebrate coz that's all I know
Tip the groupies takin off their clothes
Grand finale' like superbowl
Go hard run the show
That's right wild out got money to blow
More light more ice when I walk in the door
No hype I do it big all over the globe
Flo Rida Club Can't Handle Me lyrics found on

I said it
Go tell it
Who ready?
I'm ready!
You ready!
Lets get it!

You know I know how
To make em stop and stare as I zone out
The club can't even handle me right now
Watchin you watchin me we go all out
The club can't even handle me right now (yeahhhhh)
(Put your hands up! )
(Put your hands up! )
(Put your hands up! )
The club can't even handle me right now (yeahhhhh)
(Put your hands up! )
(Put your hands up! )
(Put your hands up! )

You got me watchin now (hey)
Got my attention now (hey)
Got everybody in the club wanting to know now
I am a ladies man
Come and be my lady and...
We can ball, soo, ahhhhhh
Bring ya body here let me switch up the atmosphere
Take you up out of this club and in my new limo
Fly you all around the world
What you want baby girl
Are you ready to go now!

You know I know how
To make em stop and stare as I zone out
The club can't even handle me right now
Watchin you watchin me we go all out
The club can't even handle me right now (yeahhhhh)
(Put your hands up! )
(Put your hands up! )
(Put your hands up! )
The club can't even handle me right now (yeahhhhh)
(Put your hands up! )
Lets celebrate now
(Put your hands up! )
You know who shut it down!

David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland - When Love Takes Over

Another rpm hit.. :)

When Love Takes Over

It's complicated
It always is
That’s just the way it goes
Feels like I waited so long for this
I wonder if it shows

Head under water
Now i can't breath
And never felt so good
‘Cause i can feel it coming over me
I wouldn’t stop it if i could

When love takes over (yeah-ee-eah)
You know you can’t deny
When love takes over (yeah-ee-eah)
‘Cause something’s here tonight

Give me a reason
I gotta know
Do you feel it too?
Cant you see me here on overload
And this time I blame you
Looking out for you to hold my hand
It feels like I could fall
Now love me right, like I know you can
We could lose it all

When love takes over (yeah-ee-eah)
You know you can’t deny
When love takes over (yeah-ee-eah)
‘Cause something’s here tonight

When love takes over (yeah-ee-eah)
You know you can’t deny
When love takes over (yeah-ee-eah)
‘Cause something’s here tonight
Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight

David Guetta feat. Estelle - One Love (Official videoclip)

One of our fave rpm hits..

One Love

Can Anybody Help Me I'm Outta Plans
Guess I Left My World In Somebodys Hands
I Don't Like To Hurt But
But Everyone Gets Weak
Someone To Rely On
That's What I Really Need

Now Here We Stay
It's All That Were Worth
I've Been Thru The Pain And Been Dragged Thru The Dirt
Whatever They Tell You Were Bigger Than Words
I've Been Where Your Standing I Know How It Hurts
Let This Be A Song Now And This Be A Day
And We Stand Together That Will Be Okay
Because Were Survivors Were Making It Work
Expecting The Best When They Hope For The Worst

One love - This is the way we found
One love - Even though they'll let you down
One love - Nobody's perfect now
One love - Don't let that hold u down
One love - Let's stick together now
One love - We got to stand our ground
One love - It's easy to believe in
One love - Believe in u and me
Onee Loveeeeeeeee

Now I Cud Try And Fix This All By Myself
But I Know Itd Turn Out Better If U Help
No One Likes To Hurt But
But Everyone Gets Weak
Someone To Rely On
That's What Everybody Needs

Now Here We Stay
It's All That Were Worth
I've Been Thru The Pain And Been Dragged Thru The Dirt
Whatever They Tell You Were Bigger Than Words
I've Been Where Your Standing I Know How It Hurts
Let This Be A Song Now And This Be A Day
And We Stand Together That Will Be Okay
Because Were Survivors Were Making It Work
Expecting The Best When They Hope For The Worst

Mami G


I thank God for meeting such a wonderful woman like you, a very supportive mom of three and very loving lola to her apo..

Thanks for the warm reception whenever I go there at Naga and simply pay you a visit. I appreciate all the efforts you're making for always making my stay comfortable.

I will never ever forget you and your generosity. I am blessed to have felt your care and love, and I will truly nourish and cherish it in my heart. You are so kind.

We maybe miles apart but that won't stop us from remembering each other.

I miss you mami G.

Hope I'd see you again..

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I need a break.. Everybody needs a break..

I'm badly in need of a break..

Thinking of a vacay..

Destination: Palawan o Boracay

As suggested by bff, Marq, why not take this opportunity to unwind, loosen up, relax and de-stress from the hustle and bustle of the city life.. Do something adventurous before this year ends..

Thinking of this promo, anyone would jump up from their seats and take advantage of this special offer.. Hey, for less than a thousand, you'll be able to set your feet off the white sands of Bora or explore island hopping in Palawan.

Still leaves me undecided though..

Going on a vacay still needs careful planning. You just don't board the plane. You don't have to don yourself with comfy clothes and a backpack-full of stuff.

Do I have the resources enough to support my vacay? Do I have all the things I needed? Am I physically and emotionally ready for this adventure?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

westlife - Fool Again

My favorite of all Westlife's songs..

And this really hits me.. coz I can't believe I'm a fool again.. in the game of love!

Fool Again

I know the story,
I've seen the picture
It's written all over your face
Tell me
What's the secret
That you've been hiding
And who's gonna take my place

I should have seen it coming
I should've read the signs
I guess it's over

Can't believe that I'm the fool again,
I thought this love would never end
How was I to know?
You never told me,
Can't believe that I'm the fool again
And I who thought you were my friend,
How was I to know?
You never told me.

You should have called me
When you were lonely
When you needed me to be there
You never gave me
Too many chances
To show you how much I care

I should have seen it coming
I should've read the signs
I guess it's over


About the pain and the tears,
oh oh oh,
If I could I would,
Turn back the time

Ooh yeah
I should've seen it coming
I should've read the signs
I guess it's over

Enough is enough..

It's been a month din na ni-nurse ko yung feelings ko for you.. Akala ko everything's gonna run smoothly.. Akala ko magiging tayo in the end.. Puro akala.. Puro expectations..

Mali. Maling-mali.

Akala ko kaya ko kontrolin yung feelings ko for you. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, hanggang friends lang dapat tayo. Nung nagsabi kang, I like you.. I tried na dedmahin lang yun at wag bigyan ng meaning. Pero tao lang ako at babae pa, mahina.. That gave me away and made me fall for you..

Dati hinahanap mo ako sa chatroom, ngaun ako na yung naghahanap.. Dati I can wait for hours for you to initiate the conversation, ngaun ilang seconds lang after ko maka-log in at makitang log-in ka din, I can't help but to say, Hi..

Mali yung nararamdaman ko kasi una, di ako dapat umasa sa iyo. Dagat ang pagitan natin. Kung yung ex- ko na sa Makati lang nakatira eh feeling ko ang layo na namin sa isa't-isa, paano ka pa kaya? Nasa ibang bansa ka eh. Wala akong idea kung ano ang mga pinaggagawa mo dun, kung sino-sino ang mga kinakausap mo.

Tiwala ako sa mga salitang binitiwan mo. Ang sarap pakinggan. Feeling ko bumabalik ako sa pagka-teenager. Sinusuyo, nilalambing, pinapangakuan. Sasabayan mo ng pa-cute mo habang naka-video chat tayo. Weakness ko yun, kung alam mo lang. Mas lalo tuloy nadadagdagan ang paghanga ko sa iyo.

Hindi na ako nadala..

Kailangan ko pa ba umasa na magkikita tayo pagbalik mo dito? Na maririnig ko pa yung mga salitang ayaw mo bitawan sa chat dahil ang gusto mo manggaling mismo sa bibig mo at masabi mo sa akin ng personal? Itutuloy ko pa ba ang pag-daydream na makasama ka sa panibagong yugto ng buhay ko?

I must not hate you, but I feel like hating you..

I know wala kang alam sa nararamdaman ko, wala kang kasalanan sa nangyayari sa akin. But you're the one responsible for this.

Tama na siguro. Tama na ang umasa sa wala.

I know we can't be together una, we have lots of differences, there are things that we still need to work on para mag-jive tayo.

Lately, di ko na ma-feel ang presence mo. Not knowing may iba na palang kumukuha ng attention mo. In other words, ibang ka-chat. Fine. Good luck.

Halos mamugto mga mata ko kahihintay sa YM at i-buzz mo ko. Pinipigilan ang pagsara ng mga mata ko sa sobrang antok at halos malipasan na ng gutom para lang maka-chat ka.

Malamang I would be hearing sermons na naman from my friends. Nagpapakatanga na naman ako para sa isang lalaki. Ang malala pa, ni hindi ko pa kilala ng lubusan. Sa chat lang.

Pesteng chat yan. Ngaun lang ako nakipag-chat, nauwi pa sa trahedya.. Kalungkot naman.

Lil sis Carla

Carla Belarmino

I miss u my lil sis..

Kahit wala na kami ni kuya mo, you will still be my lil sis..

Miss ko na ung bonding moments natin, ung shopping sa Landmark at Market!Market!, ung tambay sa Starbucks..

Im so happy that we stay connected.

And despite of what happened, sis pa rin ang turing mo saken.

Im looking forward to meet you again and have some fun together.

I appreciate ur efforts of putting us back together. Pero hayaan na natin. Kung kami talaga o hindi, lil sis pa din kita..

Paramdam ni Shinchan

Hay.. Shinchan, I miss you so much..

Sa sobrang miss ko sau, can't help but post ur messages. ganito ako pag importante saken ung mga messages eh.. Para kahit ma-delete sa phone, may back up pa ko!

>> Mishu ate =)

>> Ate, showng na ang paranrmal2

>> Tlga? Nakakadisapoint naman. May balance pko sau. Lista m muna. Bff parin b tau?

>> Cge ok lng. Il gv u time. Sori ulit. Tnx for replying. Ingat parati.

>> Yii. hrap kc mtlog. Naiyak ako sa part na yun ha. Ang hrap pla mtlog. Prmise. Hnanap hanap ko ung puyatan natn. U spoiled me kc. Namis na kta sbra.

>> Huhu. Bff mis na kta sbra! Ang hrap ung mga nakasanayan m na na hnd m nagagawa. Sbrang nakakapraning. Sniff sniff.

>> Sinabi mo pa.

>> Feeling ko nga pumangt ako. promise. Pwd namang itloy db, nkakapngt tlg.

>> We hv to start again. Lapt n mgdcmbr. Operation Prettify db? Nxt wk lets start again. I fil i lost pounds

>> Sinabi mpa.. Strng nxtwk

>> Ako din.

Gin Blossoms - As Long As It Matters

Oh my, they will be having a concert this November 18 at Araneta Coliseum..

I wanna buy tickets and watch them perform.. I've been a long fan of this group.. Pa-birthday ko na din sana sa sarili ko.. May kasama man o wala, ok lang, gusto ko manood..

Thanks kay ex- ko, Tony (kung nasan ka man ngaun).. Sya na ang nag-introduce sa akin sa bandang 'to.. And I really fell in love with their songs, especially 'to..

As Long As It Matters..

How can I find something
That two can take
Without stumbling as we
Walk into our future's wake
I'm like a broken record
That you can play
Repeating as if it matters
Everything I want to say
I'll be all right
As long as it matters
As long as you're here with me now
Forget that time
It's nothing we touch and see
All this is fine
Even as it crashes down on me
I'm looking around
There's nothing that I could want
More than to tell you
There's no more than we've already got
I'll be all right
As long as it matters
As long as you're here with me now...
Forget that our time is almost up I'll be all right...

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