Monday, April 18, 2011

BDJ Passion Series: The Love for Fashion and Writing

I believe that a simple planner could do lots of difference, not only to an individual, but also to the whole community. 

On a personal note, I've been using my Belle de Jour Power Planner for four years now. They made my life organized. They gave me a sense of control in managing my life. They hold all my thoughts and feelings, my secrets, my fears and the all the great moments that happened.

With the help of my planner and the love to jot down each and every details of my day-to-day living, it lead me to involve myself into blogging. I believed that I have learnings that's needed to be read and shared. There are certain questions in my mind that's needed to be answered and I thought it would be great getting anyone's share of their views and opinions. I have friends but it would be fun  having my set of friends online. I may not be able to see them personally but I will definitely get to know them thru their comments and messages.

Blogging releases the stress in me (a bit!) and freeing my mind from the whirlwind of thoughts. And it's satisfying to see all your thoughts in writing, just how marvelous you are coming up with those things in mind. It surprises me.

Good thing, Belle de Jour came up with an event that is "for bloggers only.." Having heard of this, I didn't let the moment pass to send in my details and answer their question on why I love to blog. Belle de Jour didn't fail me. I got the slot!

I was surprised to have experienced fashion and writing in a single event. Both were my passion . What added to my surprise was having seen Tricia Gosingtian (triciawillgoplaces.tumblr) and Ana Santos ( do their share of talks on fashion and writing. I so adored these two gorgeous ladies. I never thought I would have the chance to see them in person, but heard of their name often in the fashion world, online, magazines and blog world. 

Tricia talked on the art of fashion blogging. I love her way of blogging by incorporating pictures (mostly of herself). That is called photo blogging. I can tell Tricia's a very strong-willed person, she never let every opportunity pass her. I admired her for using blog to make fashion friendlier. Her vision is to see people able to dress themselves like the mannequins we often see in boutiques.

She also discussed the essentials of creating a blog. It must have a design, content  and brand. Let people become aware of your individuality and value. Incorporate sophistication on your layout. Cater to a specific demographic.

She relayed that by blogging you get to enjoy some perks. You build personal relations with brands, rare opportunities like mingling with celebrities and other who's who in the society and freebies!

As a fashion blogger herself, she did end the talk by giving helpful styling tips for this year. People can play on color blocking, prints, 60's and 70's inspired and minimalism. This I've got to try!

Ana Santos was a journalist by education and profession, a sexual health activist and the founder of Sex and Sensibilities (an advocacy for health-related issues especially of the reproductive health). It's good to know that she used blogging as an instrument to spread their advocacy. 

Ana talked on finding our writer's voice. To define, a writer's voice is an individual's style of writing. It is what we hear as a constant track in our head.

She revealed that in order for us to find our writer's voice we must start writing. When writing, we have to be experimental. We need to know our writing style. We should not be a victim of our own words. Write what you feel. 

Observing ethics in writing is also a must. Let us respect our readers. Be careful with our choice of words. In turn, we'll build reputation. According to Ana, reputation is like virginity: Once you lose it, it's gone forever!

I may say that for us bloggers, to ignite our passion for blogging, we must remain passionately curious!

My big thanks goes to the girls of BDJ for bringing this kind of event. I believed we were gathered there not only to meet our fellow blogger BDJ girls, not only to plainly sit there and listen, not only to enjoy the freebies but to participate in the discussion, share our views and opinions, and to imbibe the spirit of a true BDJ girl in fashion and in writing.


I have sinned. Sinned for not blogging for quite a long time. This is not so me. 

I had lots of thoughts in my head. Thoughts that's needed to be written down, published and read. What have I been doing lately? 

I must admit I got kinda preoccupied with the transition I am doing with my work. 

Not only that I needed to turn things over to my current employer but I am also busy collating my requirements for my new employer. There was never a day that I haven't dealt with this. I make sure that everything goes smoothly before I leave. 

I also got stuck with the feeling of sadness and loneliness as I see myself bid farewell to my friends and officemates. And that's gonna happen in a week time.

I must say, I missed lots. Missed lots of events, thoughts from my head, bonding with friends. 

I'd better catch up. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Make Me Stay or Say Goodbye

Akala ko na-condition ko na ang sarili ko sa nalalapit kong paglisan. Hindi pa pala.. 

Sabi ko nga, I may have tons of reasons not to leave but only one can make me stay..

Ano yun? Sino yun? Sa mga nakakaalala pa, muli kong ibinabalik si Keychain.. Muli na naman nyang ginulo ang payapa kong buhay. Binuhay na naman nya ang pag-asa kong matapunan na naman nya ako ng tingin at ngiti. Maayos na sana ang lahat. Banayad na akong nakapagpaalam sa mga kaibigan ko. Naiayos ko na sa tamang lugar at naibilin ang mga trabahong maari kong maiwan sa aking pag-alis. 

Di na sya muling sumaglit sa isipan ko noon. Dahil siguro di ko na sya gaanong nasisilayan o nasasalubong man lang sa hallway. Pero mananatili pa rin ang alaala nya sa aking isipan. Not until nitong mga nakaraang araw na muli ko na naman syang napagkikita. Unti-unting nasisilayan ang kanyang mga ngiti at mga matang sa wari mo'y nangungusap.

Sadya bang lumalalim ang bokabularyo ng isang tao kapag in love..?? Pakiwari ko.. :p

Tanong ng mga kaibigan ko, paano kung mag-iba ang ihip ng hangin at bigla ka nyang tapunan ng pansin? Paano kung sya mismo ang hihiling na wag ka ng umalis at manatili na lang dito? Kapalit ay ang pagbibigay nya sa akin ng oras at, malay natin, pag-ibig.. (Ay, ang layo na ng narating ng imahinasyon ko..)

Bigla akong nagdalawang isip. Oo nga no.. Paano nga kung maglakas loob syang gawin yun? Ang pigilan ang aking paglisan, kapalit ang makasama sya ng pangmatagalan. Ay, kay tamis! Ewan ko. Ang hirap magdesisyon. Pera at karera laban sa tawag ng pag-ibig.. Aww...

Pero pilit nilalabanan ng isipan ko ang kaisipang iyon. Malabo yun mangyari. At nalalapit na ang paglisan ko. Kakapusin ng araw. At ayokong umasa, malamang sa wala! Di makatarungan na sya lamang ang tangi kong dahilan para manatili ako. Di makatarungan para sa mga ibang taong nagmamahal sa akin.

Nagpapasalamat na lang ako na kahit sa mumunting paraan, napaligaya nya ako, sa pamamagitan ng kanyang mga ngiti at tingin sa tuwing kami'y nagkakasalubong. Salamat at binigyan nya ako ng rason na manatili ng humigit kumulang apat na taon at rason na wag pumalya sa pagpasok sa trabaho, sa pagbabakasakaling makadaumpalad sya. Salamat sa mga ngiting itinanim nya sa aking mga labi, sa mga kilig na aking naramdaman, sa mga pagbabagong nangyari sa aking katauhan. 

Sa kanya ko iniaalay ang mga oras na ako'y laging naghahanda sa aming pagkikita, sa mga oras na aking ginugugol sa pagaayos para mapansin nya ang aking kariktan, at sa mga oras na ginagawa kong produktibo ang sarili ko para maipagmalaki nya ako.

Hiling ko na manatili syang masaya. Lagi pa rin ngingiti ng bonggang-bongga, yung labas ang  mga dimples at di na makita ang mga mata. Maging mas produktibo sana sya sa larangan na tinatahak nya at maging matagumpay. Sana, kahit ako'y wala na at di na kailan man makikita, maalala nya na may isang Angel na nag-exist sa buhay nya, na nakilala nya at nakatrabaho.

I still wanna make you make me stay but it's better I'd say goodbye. Goodbye not because it is the end of everything for us because I am still gonna look forward for our paths to cross again. You will always have a special place in my heart. You've helped become a better person. Helped me appreciate the goodness of others. Helped me become motivated and inspired. Goodbye simply because I would no longer feel and see your presence. That's just it. You will still be my keychain. 

Thank you Keychain. I owe u lot. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

No Strings Attached

No jealousy. No expectations. No fighting. No flowers.

It means you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, in whatever public place you want, as long as you don’t fall in love.

That's how I define No Strings Attached.

I describe it as more-than-friends-less-than-lovers-and-no-commitment-type of relationship. You're happy to be with each other. You share the same passion. You like the same things. But you can't take you're special relationship to the next level. You only like each other but not love each other. There should be no feelings involved. No strings attached.

It's hard. It's painful. Especially if the other person has already invested feelings for the other one. And its more painful to know that that other one can't love you back. So, you just keep the love burning inside of you. Hide it if you must. You can still love that person, only from afar. 

What's makes it difficult for this kind of set up is that you can't question that person should he/she make his/her own choices, with or without you knowing it. You have no right. You are only his/her friend and still has no right with his/her own decisions. You maybe sharing mutual feelings but you've also agreed not to take it seriously.

In the end, you're the one left suffering. For you've expected much. You've assumed much.

The only best way I could think of for you not suffer this much is to not letting yourself get involve in this kind of relationship. Avoid it if possible. For it won't do you any good. The love you're  feeling might only last for a couple of days, weeks or months. And it's hard to get back from where you came from. It will be hard for you to bring back the old set up you two has established.

I am not in favor with this kind of set up. I'm not gonna invest my feelings to someone whom I know can't love me back. We'd rather keep what we already have as of now instead of nurturing the feelings. And I'm not gonna nurse whatever feelings that person is going to show on  me. Nursing the feeling would eventually leave me hurting.


Reposting from Manila Bloggers Network..

What: Blogger Fest 2011
When: April 16, 2011
Where: Event Center, Thunderbird Resorts Rizal in Binangonan, Rizal
Time: 11am-6pm

Bus transportation pick up : 9am (venue TBA)
Target attendees : 200 Bloggers

attire: smart casual


About the Bloggers Fest 2011
You are invited to the attend and join in our 1st Blogger Fest event this April 16, 2011. The objective of the event is to have a venue for a FREE mentorship about blogging and also networking with all Pinoy bloggers and companies. The event was inspired from the global event Blogger Fiesta Manila last September 2010.

Learn the basics and advance tips and tricks on blogging, our co-bloggers will be there as speakers on different topics and will share their experience and give tutorials on how to have a successful blog site.

Event partners and sponsor will be there to exhibit and do demo on their products,brands and gadgets.

On ground workshop and one on one consultation with co bloggers and groups will take place in different venues, so choose your topic in different niches.

Join in our on the spot contest and activity

Do networking and meet with other bloggers

Enjoy the luxurious venue at Thunderbird Resort Rizal.
Have fun, relax and enjoy while learning only at Bloggers Fest 2011.


I can feel the excitement.. again! After having attended the iBlog: 7th Philippine Blogging Summit, I am looking forward to attend every event that deals with blogging and other blog-related activities. I am thinking of taking my passion for blogging to another level. I am now actually taking this seriously. And maybe, just maybe, start earning something from it (I'm not asking for much though..)

So, when I learned this event from (who else?) Marq, I never had second thoughts of joining even if it entails travelling from Manila to Binangonan, Rizal. Pero okay lang, first time ko pupunta ng Binangonan. Learning + travelling = fun!

I know I will get to see familiar faces (those I met from iBlog7) from participants to speakers. I'm now dying to pulling the days until the 16th and readying myself to get  submerge into another level of learning, esp of blogging!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Will I be Missed?

This is in line with my previous post. We will be missing a lot of people as they get to be transferred to another account. But I, myself, will be doing the same. Not that I will be transferred. I will be leaving them as well. Leaving by resigning.

Yes. I am resigning. It's been 4 fruitful years that I spent alone with S***l, and I believe, that it's about time that I take my life and career seriously. S***l helped me a lot in terms of my financial needs and career growth, but I needed more. I know my friends would understand me,  and they know it whole heartedly that I really don't want to leave them if not for these reasons. 

Career-wise, I've taken the next step. I've been off the phones for a year now. Who would dare leave that kind of post? Doing nothing, just manning the staffing and some floorwalks. But doing nothing is not healthy. I would rather take in calls. It's not everyday that I will man the staffing. It's not everyday that I get to take sup calls. It's not everyday that we will have activities on the floor that I need to facilitate. Doing nothing is more stressful as compared to an agent taking an 8 hour-worth of calls.

Some offered me to take it to the next level. To apply for a higher post. But I'd rather not. Simply for one reason: Politics. No matter how good someone is but if he hasn't the charisma to woo everyone, his efforts would only gone to waste. In this industry, it's a dog-eat-dog world. Someone could get promoted, lacking the skills, but has the boss' attention. And me, the silent type, the wall flower-type, the Im-not-gonna-kiss-my-boss'-ass-to-get-promoted, won't do such. I maybe silent but I am competitive. And I can even you give you numbers. 

But it's hard to fathom how come it's not being practice? So how do you pick who qualifies for the post? 

Much for career issues, I still can't believe that I am now counting my days and I'll be leaving them. It hasn't sinked in to me yet, not until April comes. I haven't polished yet my letter, haven't turned over the things. Really have no idea that I'll be leaving before this month ends.

I will definitely miss everyone. I'm trying to fight the thinking that I'm gonna cry on my last day. To bid them farewell. If I'm gonna place this to bet, I will lose. 

For now, I'm gonna make the most of my remaining days. I told my friends not to make me feel upset but to keep me happy all through out my stay. I want happy thoughts. 

I want to be remembered. I want to be missed. I know I will be.. 

Black for Sorrow

In support to the number of agents who were transferred to another account, we've (agents) decided to wear nothing but black. Black to depict sorrow. To avenge our loss.

Change is inevitable. Especially in our industry. The word forever doesn't even exist at all. Nothing's permanent but change. And flexibility. So if there's something that requires movement, expect changes and be flexible enough. We've seen and felt that change. And it left us.. distressed!

Up to this day, we still haven't had the clue as to why this happened. What caused this for us to be in pain and feel sorrowful. We no longer know what happened to them, but we're wishing that they may be in good hands (like, a good account with good set of people). Some of them were my precious friends, and I'm glad that they still get to keep in touch with me.

Their memories will continue to live on. They will always play a special part in our lives. They will always be remembered. They will still be our friends wherever we may be.

iBlog: 7th Philippine Blogging Summit

This is not just any ordinary blog-related event hosted by some pretending-to-be-bloggers.. They're the best of the best, the cream of the crop..

And the fact that this is their 7th time to host such magnificent event only proves that this is really something to look forward to. I'm really at loss for words as to how to describe it, the place, the people (both organizers and participants) and the topics discussed.

It's a 2-day event. Day 1 (04.01) discussion targeted the use of blog as a medium to promote fellow bloggers/entrepreneurs' products and services. Day 2 (04.02) discussion is for everyone who has great interest on blogging. More on knowing Blogging 101 so everyone (of any age, gender, religion) was encouraged to join.

We're the very first to arrived, more than 2 hours prior to the schedule.. Okay, we're excited! We wanted to avoid long queues, avoid being seated afar and avoid getting none of their freebies. It didn't occur to me that blogging is a serious thing. And that there are people who really take blogging to a higher level, seriously! Not until I witnessed the people who joined iBlog. Most of them were from the corporate world, some even holding higher position. Nahiya naman ako tumabi. Though there are some students but not the likes of pa-cute lang. 

Event started around 9am. Everyone's seated and equipments' were set up. People began to open their laptops, some only have notebooks (I'm one!) We're not just there to listen but to participate as well. You will be oblige to surf the net, post your thoughts on your FB wall and Twitter account, raise your questions and share your views and opinions. And I am so liking it!

There was never a dull moment from the speakers. Even the host played his part. There were no stupid questions asked. Speakers gladly interacted with the participants. At the end of their talk, they were handed down tokens of appreciation from the organizers. I still wanted more of their talks, pero syempre their time's very limited. Considering some didn't make it, like Ivan Henares (idol ko pa naman sya!). I didn't mind the time, the topics presented got a hold of my interest. Im glued. 


9:00 – 9:15 Welcome
9:15 – 9:35 Sponsor Keynote: Roby Alampay, Interaksyon TV5
9:45 – 10:15 Blogging 101 (Jonel Uy & Jinkee Umali)
11:00 – 11:20 Podcasting 101 (Adrian Jeric Peña)
11:30 – 11:50 Dealing with Writer’s Block (Roy Dela Cruz)
1:00 – 1:15 Intermission Performance UP Choral
1:15 – 2:00 Blogging for Advocacy (Sonnie SantosGrace NicolasIvan Henares)
2:15 – 2:35 Blog Traffic without SEO (Fitz Villafuerte)
3:15 – 3:35 Your Blog and Facebook (Mon Macutay)
3:45 – 4:05 Building a Discussion Community (Michael Rubio)
4:15 – 4:35 Blogging, Social Networks, Online Relationships as Support System (Ria Tirazona)
Raffle, Group Picture

To top it all, I had FUN.. I enjoyed listening to the talks. I learned lots about blogging, and it made me wanna take it to a higher level, maybe having my own domain and start making money out of it. I met lots of no-nonsense fellow bloggers and heard their thoughts on making the blog world be known to everyone. I adored the speakers and those who dared ask questions (esp the witty Mike Abundo, u got me!) for they show cleverness and interest to uphold blogging amidst the many other social networking sites. The food didn't leave us starving and craving for more, we're so full til the end. I loved the freebies, most esp the iBlog shirt (which I've won from the raffle). 

It's hard to pack our things up when it ended. We wanted more. The event was concluded with our group picture. I can't contain my happiness. I can't wait for the next iBlog8. 

**** PusangKalye and Chinchan: thanks for the pictures. 

Blog Post

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