Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance: I Like!

Lahat ay naghahangad ng stress-free work. Imposible! Lahat ng scenario na ating kakaharapin laging may may kabuntot na stress. Hindi kumpleto ang isang araw na di mo pwede ma-experience ang stress. Hindi mo masasabing trabaho ang isang trabaho kung hindi ka nahirapan at di ka na-stress.

That is why I feel grateful to those employers who continuously provide a work life balance environment to the company, especially to their employees. Quits lang, ika nga. For an employee like me, this is something to look forward to. That despite of all the hassle our work brings, our employers take time to find a way to make sure we're stress-free and we really enjoy our work.

It's their way of thanking us back (for all the hard work). It's an added bonus given to every employees (on top of the bonuses and incentives). It's a much-deserved appreciation and recognition in the midst of a stressful environment.

Modesty aside, my work involves deep and logical thinking. It's an "intellectually-challenged" account. It's not routinary, non-verbatim account. I came from and held several accounts (from telecoms to financial) but I found them plain and simple. It's a tiring job saying the same spiel over and over again. Discussing the same terms that you tend to memorize the verbiage as you go along. Nakakabobo, ika nga. Walang learning. Paikot-ikot ang scenario. Walang challenge.

So even if I find this new project challenging, I gladly accepted it. Come what may. There's no harm in trying. It's challenging in a way that you would result in declining a person, making the person realize that his case is not into his favor. Ang saklap di ba? Parang feeling ko wala akong naitulong sa kanya. But that's the reality. One thing I love in this account, walang paligoy-ligoy. Decline kung decline! I know I am hurting someone's feelings but it's up to me how will I be able to relay that in a nice way. In a manner that would not result to escalated calls. 

There are some cases na nakakaawa but you'll soon find out, it's their fault naman kasi. Not following someone's policy tapos pag di napagbigyan saka magrereklamo. Or something came up on their end resulting to non-receipt of service. So you think it's the company's fault why you weren't able to receive the service? Should you have informed them upfront or a few days back, this wouldn't result in this way. Tsk. Tsk. Hay, buhay..

So those are some scenarios that I am experiencing every working day. And mind you, there's no same scenario. It's always different, funny yet unusual cases. And it's quite hard to deal if you are not gonna use your logical reasoning. You don't count compassion in resolving issues. You stick to the ruling, the policy. That's is why it is legal, and most often time unavoidable, to decline a person.

Masarap na mahirap. Minsan gusto ko nang sumuko, but the thrill of the account are on the cases I am resolving. Dami kong natututunan. And I don't need to come up with sugar-coated words just to pacify the person. If it's really needed to, I have to.

At dahil sa stress na yan, na na-develop na sa system ko, kaya I greatly appreciate the work-life balance environment. Every month, there's a site-wide activity. Either you do it inside or outside working area, whether it involves social or cultural activities, whether you spend or share it with co-employees or outside people, it still brings fun and enjoyment. Nakatulong ka na, hindi lang para sa sarili mo, kundi para sa ibang tao din.

And I am looking forward for more activities to come. Not only to take part and be heard but to share my time with others. And these "others" are the key to unleashing the happiness and removing the stressful person in me.

Tinamaan Na Naman

Ang Facebook wall post ko: Reviving my passion: to write. to share. to express. to blog.

Tinamaan na naman ako ng katamaran the past few days. Pero I can justify naman and defend myself kung bakit ako sinumpong ng katamaran.

Una, masyadong stressful ang work ko. Di ako nakakauwi sa tamang oras. Tadtad ng backlogs. Pero hindi ako nagrereklamo about sa work ko (ibang usapan na yun!). I even find my work challenging. Umaandar ang tulog kong diwa.

Pangalawa, nasira ang pc ko. Masira na ang lahat, wag lang ang pc. Dahil feeling ko, nawala ako sa mundo. Adik na kung adik, pero I find internet a necessity these days. Mag-search, mag-like, mag-add, mag-follow.. lahat kaya mong gawin. You can be yourself or be someone else's character, no one will give a damn. 

Pangatlo, may pc man na available sa kiosk pero 48 years bago ka makakuha ng available slot. Syempre grab the chance na magbabad, wala namang na-set kung ilang minutes ka lang pwedeng mag-internet.

Pang-apat, dahil sira ang pc ko, I find mobile web useful. Pero later ko na lang na-realize, yari na naman ako sa bill ko. Maya't-maya ba naman. Masilip lang kung may nag-comment o nag-like. Syempre, malabo ko namang ma-access ang blogger sa phone ko. 

Pang-lima, weekends na nga lang ang pahinga, nasa galaan pa. Lakad with friends, family o kahit ako lang. Punta sa mall, mag-gym o mag-window shopping, solve na ko. Hirap nga lang pigilan ang sarili na di mapagastos.

Pang-anim, masyadong pre-occupied ang subconscious mind ko ng mga samu't-saring daydreams. Iniisip ang mga sangkatutak na "what if's", inilalarawan sa isipan ang mga iba't-ibang eksena na feeling ko sa pangarap lang maaaring maisakatuparan.

Pangpito, dahil sa bagyong Falcon, ang sarap humilata sa kama, yakapin ang mga unan at stuffed toys at balutin ang sarili ng kumot. Tapos, mag-daydream ulit.. hihihi..

At panghuli, patawarin nyo ako, subalit wala akong makuhang magandang ideya para i-blog. Wala ako sa wisyo. Masyadong busy-busyhan. Ayoko naman mag-blog lang dahil kailangan. Para magpa-impress. Para masabing lagi akong may post. At ayokong pinipilit ang sarili ko.

Ngayon, nasa mood ako for blogging. Lalo na at pinuno ng mga emo songs ang pandinig ko. Start na. :) 

Monday, June 27, 2011



- ang PC ko. Ayaw ko na ng mabagal, corrupted at di to the max ang performance. 

- ang work ko. I-unlearn na ang customer service attitude. Time na maging strict at matutong magdecline ng invalid disputes. 2 months and counting na ako sa bago kong account and I am slowly learning the know-how of it.

- ang mga friends ko. Kailangan ng matinding bonding para maibalik ang mga happiest moments at constant communication.

- ang financial obligations ko. May mga bayad na (sa wakas!) at malaking katipiran sa akin 'to. 

- ang social life. Wala na ang homebuddy in me. I am starting to explore the outside world. Booked trips to every local destinations with friends. Attended series seminars and rendezvous. Met lots and lots of new faces and acquaintances. 

- ang appearance. Never to losyang look. Prettify is the magic word! Pampering myself to the fullest!

- ang lovelife. Say goodbye na sa pagiging masochist, martyr at hopeless romantic. Mahalin muna ang sarili. Mahalin ako ng tao sa kung ano at sino ako, at hindi yung kung ano at sino ang gusto nila na maging ako. 

Darating talaga sa isang punto na kailangan nating magreformat. Alisin ang mga di na kanais-nais. Palitan ng bago. Kung may mga bagay man na di maiwasang hindi alisin, eh di gumawa tayo ng back-up. Isang taguan ng mga lumang alaala, na maaaring balik-balikan kung nanaisin. Siguruhing ang back up ay puno ng masasayang alaala,hindi puro sakit at hirap.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Nuffnang Family Day

A lot of firsts happened on this event. My first trip to Tagaytay. My first time to hold a picnic on the hill. My first time to get physical on games. My first time to light lanterns. My first time to witness snowfall. My first time to bring home loads of goodies. 

Thanks to my good friend Marq for the invite. I've always been wanting to go to Tagaytay for the longest time. You made it come true friend.. :)

Nuffnang is a blog advertising community. I've heard and seen it a lot of times, but never had the idea how it works. Until my friend introduced this to me and got the chance to invite me on one of their  sponsored events. From that day on, I willingly signed up for Nuffnang. It's good to hear they will even help you generate income by simply allowing them to post advertisements on your site. It's a win-win situation for both ends!

Nuffnang held their Nuffamily Day at Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resort in Tagaytay. It's a long drive to get there but the views from the outside supersedes it. The view of Taal volcano, the pine trees and the numerous resorts lined up along the street. What has captured my interest the most is the picnic held on top of the hill. Families gathered around and laid their mats on. Foods were served and everyone gladly feasted on them. Games and activities like Hephep Hurray, paper dance and the boat is sinking, made everyone burst with laughter. Loads of prizes and give aways from sponsors were given away.

What I enjoyed the most in this event is the lighting of the paper lanterns. It is also called sky lanterns and traditionally found in some Asian countries. You can typically see this on weddings. I saw it on Judy Ann Santos' wedding. And I find it kaaliw! So when we were told that each one of us will be lighting a lantern, I never had second thoughts of getting my share. It's very delicate and you will be needing the right timing as to when you are going to launch it, else it will burn.. Sayang lang

I had my own interpretation as to why we light lanterns and lift them up. We are the lanterns vying to reach for our dreams (symbolizes by the stars in the  sky). In order for us to do that, we need to step up, leave our comfort zones and dare th face the challenges. We might not know whether we will be able to make it or not, but what's important is we have tried. Some lanterns didn't make it, they simply fell on the ground. And my interpretation is that those lanterns were the people who were afraid of braving their fears, as if something's holding them back to do what they like. Unless you take your fears away from your system, nothing will happen. 

Crosswinds at Tagaytay made our stay memorable by giving us a tour on their Christmas village. It's a whole year round Christmas feeling! They have the Santa house which shoots snow and a Christmas store.

I am thankful to be a part of this event. This I will truly cherish! And I am looking forward that Nuffnang will be able to hold more events as fun and entertaining like this. And I hope, this time, I will get an invite for I have just signed up.. :)

BDJ Rendezvous: I Dream therefore I Can!

It's another rendezvous to remember from Belle de Jour Power Planner.. :)

The event was held at the newly-opened Ace Water Spa in Pasig. I know the place coz I used to work in the Pioneer area. Event started at 10am and ended up by 4pm. Seen old and meet new faces. 

For early birds like me, I got the chance to seat in front (para daw mas mabilis umaksyon sa mga games at prizes..). I was one of the few people na nakatapos agad sa human bingo. Ito yung may hawak kang isang piece of paper na may mga boxes filled with descriptions (like, im wearing blue shoes, im friendly, my name starts with the letter A, etc) and all you have to do is to mingle around with the girls and have them signed up. Basta dapat match sa descriptions sa box. It's fun and at the same time, chance to meet other fellow BDJ girls.

Ms. D

Jasmine, one bubbly host!
The rendezvous talks mostly of our dreams and the ways to achieve them. When we dream of becoming someone or having something, we must work on it. The process is not that easy and may take a while but it doesn't mean it won't happen. By having the will and determination, every dream, big or small, will eventually come into life.

The speakers were all well-noted, famous on their chosen field. 

Mabel Reyes (Work Your Way Up: A Career Bella's Guide) shared her humble beginnings up to where she is now. She'd gone on different countries and met different people. She wanted everyone of us to have a concrete plan on what we really want in life, be it short-lived or in 5 years time. We usually have the tendency to aspire for something but how will it materialize without working on it? So you write on what needs to be done and provide timelines for it. This way, you'll be able to track where you at from your goals.

Mabel Reyes
Jill Ngo-Crisologo (Cash in Your Passion: Love it, Earn from it) of the Peak Performance shared her passion for dancing. Her forte is belly dancing. She knew that dancing is her passion. She never had any hesitations pursuing her passion, regardless of her mother's disapproval. She tried, oftentimes failed but never stopped. If you really want something, you'll do whatever it may take to land on it. They key is to brave the challenges. If you're not brave enough, you're not going anywhere.

Jill Ngo-Crisologo

Bianca Valerio (Image Matters: Look Good, Feel Good), a noted model, host (FASH), make up artist, online style columnist, blogger and personality development speaker. One fab girl! She shared her personal tips on good grooming and posture, on the do's and dont's in fashion and some pointers on building your confidence. Honestly, I got starstrucked when I saw her. She is so beautiful. She seem to be intimidating but she is not, she is friendly and very down to earth. She believes that looks really matter. Given the inner beauty that we have, let us not shed time to  not focus on our physical beauty. First impression still last. As simple as making your face steer clear of any dirt and pimple-free is enough. And as simple as standing and sitting the proper way means a lot to someone. 

Bianca Valerio
Foods served were delicious and tons of prizes were given away. I don't think anyone left without a prize? Games and activities promote camaraderie among bellas. The event was such a blast. 

Every BDJ event marks my day with fun, laughter, girl bonding moments, learnings, new-found friends, foods and lotsa prizes! That is why I am always looking forward to every BDJ activities in store for every Bellas.. :)

Kamay ni Hesus

A visit to Lucban, even if it's Pahiyas festival or not, wont be complete without a visit to Kamay ni HesusThe shrine of Kamay ni Hesus is located on the slopes of Mt. Banahaw, Barangay Tinamnan, Lucban, Quezon. Its church where celebrates healing masses everyday at 10am. In this site is a 292-steps hill with life size figures depicting the 14 Stations of the Cross, and on the top is a 50-foot statue of Jesus Christ that is said to be the third biggest in the world.

It's a dare for everyone who visits here to climb up the hill. Panata, sabi nga. Unfortunately, we're not able to do it. Super sayang. Sarado kasi ung mga gate pag may mass. Respect nga naman. And since it's past 5pm na at kailangan pa naming bumalik sa Manila, we let the chance passed na maka-akyat. Hindi naman aalis yung hill eh. Babalik na lang ulit kami.

In-enjoy na lang namin yung Garden of Eden. You'll see life-sized statues of the famous people  na naging part ng creation of man up to the 10 commandments. And their version of Noah's Ark. Di rin kami nakapsok dun kasi may retreat na nagaganap.

Napakalawak ng lugar. They even have shops for food and souvenir items. Nag-enjoy na lang kami sa pag-take ng pictures at pagmasid sa lugar. Nakakawiling makita yung mga naglalakihang estatwa ng mga hayop. At sa mga estatwa ng mga santo, na nabuo ay nakumpleto thru donations. Babait talaga ng mga Pinoy!

To complete the trip, bumili ako ng kino-collect kong ref magnet.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pahiyas Festival

Makulay talaga ang buhay.. :)

Unang bisita ko sa Kapistahan ni San Isidro Labrador, or popularly known as the Pahiyas festival, sa bayan ng Lucban, Quezon. Isa itong pagbibigay-pugay at pasasalamat ng mga Lucbanin kay San Isidro dahil sa masaganang ani. At para mas highlighted ang kanilang pasasalamat, naisip nila i-decorate ang mga inaning prutas at gulay sa harapan ng kanilang mag bahay, na mas lalong nagbigay buhay sa pagdiriwang ng pyesta. Idagdag pa dyan ang mga palamuting tinatawag na kiping, na gawa sa pinulbos na bigas. 

Sa pamamagitan  ng mga dekorasyong prutas at gulay, nakilala ang mga Lucbanin for being creative. Ginawa itong isang competition na mas lalo nilang ikina-engganyo. Mas maraming dekorasyon, mas makulay ang bahay, mas malaki ang chance na manalo.

Sa mga excited na tulad ko, minabuti naming umalis ng Manila ng madaling araw. Sakay ng bus na papuntang Lucena at jeep na byaheng Lucban. Dahil sa anticipated ng maraming darating na makiki-pyesta, hindi na pinapatuloy ang mga malalaking sasakyan sa kabayanan ng Lucban. Maaari ka na lang magtricycle o kung gusto mong mamalas ng husto ang paligid, walkathon na lang with friends. 

naka-uniform kami at ang nakalagay: Tropang Quezon loved Pahiyas!
Sa dami ng mga bahay na tadtad ng palamuti, nangawit ang leeg ko sa kakatingin at kakapa-picture. Sa sobrang dami ng taong dumalo, siksikan ang mga kalye, naglipana ang mga SLR, nagkalat ang mga foreigners at posible kayong magkawalaan. 

Gutom ang aming inabot pagkaraan ng mahaba-habang lakaran, kaya sinubukan namin ang famous na pansit habhab. Masarap sanang humirit pa ng isa pero dusa naman sa pagkain. Bawal ang kutsara't tinidor. Nasa paghabhab ang thrill ng pagkain ng pamosong pansit. Di ko pinalampas na di makabili ng mga souvenir items tulad ng keychains, shirts at ref magnet na korteng bahay, simbahan at longganisa. Syempre, di ko rin pinalampas na di makabili ng Lucban longganisa.

Nabilad man ako sa arawan, sumakit man ang paa ko sa paglalakad, nagutom man kami ng bonggang-bongga, nainggit sa mga naglalakihang SLR, natulala sa mga foreigners, naubusan ng pera sa pagbili ng mga pasalubong, nanakit ang ulo kakatingala at naka-sight ng mga cuties, na-enjoy namin ng husto ang pyesta. 

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